How to achieve 1 meter accuracy with Android Was: Re: Dropgang vulnerabilities

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Mar 4 17:47:39 PST 2019

>>>> It is right to use violence on people who violate
>>>> your property
>>> However the idea that you can attack people who hunt
>>> in 'your' land is of course nonsense.
>>> personal rights - one of the core concepts in liberal philosophy.
>> So people in your land are allowed to kill your pigs, steal your goats,
>> trap your fink, burn your books, take your kids, and shit your bed?
>> What are you going to do, say stop again?

Surround them with love, forgive, pray to not be fucked again?
That's noble and personal.

> messages

> "tor"

Tries to remove free speech from the internet, gets hurt when
it fails, resorts to twisting, and authoritarian threats, to censor
voices it doesn't like calling it, and its hypocrisy, out, including
those defending actual freedom of speech. That's really fucking sad.

> "authority"

Debunked by many earlier.

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