Cryptocurrency: Majority of bitcoin trading is a hoax, new study finds

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Mar 23 02:21:53 PDT 2019

On 3/23/19, Razer <g2s at> wrote:
> "The analysis showed that "substantially all of the volume" reported on 71
> out of the 81 exchanges was wash trading, a term that describes a person
> simultaneously selling and buying the same stock, or bitcoin in this case,
> to create the appearance of activity in the market. In other words, it's not
> real.
> Those exchanges report an aggregated $6 billion in average daily bitcoin
> volume. The study finds that only $273 million of that is legitimate."

There's much more moving out there than just $273M.


Now with better links...

Don't expect random exchanges, especially fee free ones,
to be publishing, or subject to, any sort of holistic truths.

Only the blockchains themselves contain truth, seek it from them.
Everything else is n-tier nth-party non disinterested data and lies.
Expect that, as it certainly will be. And make of it what you will.
Trust and use the ones you find worthy. Calling for State regulation
will only result in yet another pointless corrupt Fiat by another name.


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