Annexing Venezuela 'insufficient', Trump declares annexation of Syria's Golan Heights, hints at "naughty words" "20 years ago" - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Thu Mar 21 19:10:31 PDT 2019

How to bring peace and prosperity to the world, ah sorry, I mean
Israel, Trump-nam style? :

  Trump's Mideast Bombshell:
  US Must Back Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights


MIGA in full swing, folksies...

Come on Trump, man up, grow a pair and take the consequences -
seriously, who the hell cares if there's a compromising pic (or old
emails/ texts) around with you and "nobody younger than your
daughter" when a world war is at stake?

You have a responsibility to ~300 million North Americans (not to
mention those bloody Aussies, Noo Zealanders and the rest), and not
"to defend muh damned ego"!

Is your pride -that- fragile, Mr Trump?

Man the firetruck up already and don't be such a muffaluggerin pussy!

God! Seriously take a leaf outta Tucker Carlson's book “I said
something naughty 10 years ago”, which is anyways only needed if the
(((deep state))) actually burns their blackmail card on you - because
they can only play it once -

so, Trump, embrace your inner Aussie already and man the fruck up!

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