[tor-talk] [OT] Smartphone purchase advice?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 12:05:15 PDT 2019

> Secure laptop advice? / Smartphone purchase advice ?

Obviously buy only unlocked carrier independant phones
cash upfront no financing, fuck the carriers. Bonus is they
won't come preloaded with carrier blingware, only
manufacturer blingware.

Most of the manufacturer warez can be avoided with...


You can also customise, compile and emulate test
Android OS. Strip out the entire Google app suite,
search, play, tunes, all the useless apps, spy, network
and battery eaters, background daemons, all gone.
Set your own security defaults in ROM, etc...


GPS chip / antenna / pwb traces can be physically
disabled, same for camera, microphone.

Learn on freebie recycled phones before hacking
on your Librem, Purisim, or whatever.

Still doesn't solve the baseband HW backdoor issue.
For that today you'd need VOIP number provider via
WiFi via cellular hotspot, or an OpenBTS etc SDR setup.

Intel is a top secret behemoth, so AMD should be preferred
by default just for competition sake while #OpenHW rolls.

There's somewhat more open Power9 platforms...


Plus all the ARM and random *boards HW out there,
most of which isn't truly open.

At least don't buy WinTel systems.

Today you can also easily startup and adopt...

#OpenFabs , #OpenHW , #OpenSW , #OpenDev , #OpenBiz , #OpenAudits , etc

So far it seems no one's minds are deprogrammed
redpilled and free enough to actually imagine and
come together to initiate that FTW, so all we still see
for decades is same dumbass questions...

- What untrusted CPU / Laptop / Phone / Gear to buy?
- Give me Fiat

Which is nothing more than kissing your master's ass.
They love that.

The first to market with verifiable trustworthy #OpenHW
made in #OpenFabs will make immense profits from sectors
that need that assurance.

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