Aussie shitlord literally banned from "using the internet or social media" - [MINISTRY]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Tue Mar 19 01:39:18 PDT 2019

Literally named "Chad", Chad Vinzelberg now literally shaking as he
learns to program whilst being literally banned by a court from
"using the internet or social media" - just as well the judge
literally added "or social media" to the ban, or this shitlord might
have literally used his phone, rather than the internet, eh m8?!

Dang boomers gonna straighten out dis world by shuttin in all down -
the conversation that is, since there ain't no freeze peach in the
lan down unda!

Of course, they not charge 'im for 'is freeze speach, but raided his
"man cave" and found an ornamental mace on the wall - so his home was
raided for speech and he's banned from using the internet for a mace
(and a replica pistol with a bullet in it... silly muffaluggerah).

I wish I knew how to "use the innernet for a mace" but hay, 'at's how
it goes m8!"


Did I mention "muffaluggerah"? 'Cause dang, dude, 'ats one serious
carnel toe‼

You know, cause shutting down tha memes is gonna straighten these
bastards out, of course - why didn't I think of that?

Muffaluggerah!!  Cheerio m8, jus takin the piss yo :D

 Aussie Chad First Ever Person Officially Banned
 From the Internet by ZOG

  … An Adelaide man has been banned from using the internet after
    allegedly making comments on social media in support of the
    Christchurch terrorist attack.

    Chad Vinzelberg’s alleged online comments prompted police to raid
    the 37-year-old man’s northern suburbs property on Friday.

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