Fraser Anning - greatest electoral win - 17 votes! - in Australian history - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sun Mar 17 23:38:05 PDT 2019

The truck peace, bringing the event of peace, may bring civil wars of
peace, unfortunately.

But there's a lesson - engagement with the "democratic" system can
lead to some surprising results, with Fraser Anning being exhibit
numero 1!

17 votes and a bunch of "liberal" lefty enraging fact quotes (oh, and
upwards of a million dollars in 6 years of salary later), and
Fraser Anning continues to blaze a trail few could have imagined,
right in our own Aussie back yard:

Stormer, Volume 82: Fraser Anning’s Ascent

Unstoppable Aussie Senator REFUSES to Cuck, Doubles Down Instead!

RETALIATION! Ancient Church in Paris Set Ablaze!

After Hilarious Mosque Shooting, Tubby Jew Bari Weiss Calls for the
Genocide of White People

Peace muh Gritty Diggers, and may you have a say in every law you are
called upon (by force of law) to obey!

Create your world,

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