Intercept First Look Exits Snowden Docs, Some Seek New Gatekeepers

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Mar 16 16:00:57 PDT 2019

While Greenwald continues questioned highbrow intentions to
"protect reputations, 'privacy' and security" of
Governments / Agents and their immoral actions and programs.

Will someone please just dump the fucking dataset already.
Let the true analysts that are the whole public decide what to
report / ignore and who to protect / admonish / prosecute.

If worried about balance of [your own] power, then maintain balance
and go leak docs from China, Russia, Saudi, Israel, UK, etc too.

"Sometimes one has to rely on spontaneous parallels to understand
what they read... my conversation with my physics teacher when I
was 15/16 over the usefulness or tyranny of "the authority of
experts" in society comes to mind, I wonder why..."

"Let's be real. The Intercept and First Look Media didn't do this
for The Greater Good. They got publicity and advertising revenue
for being gatekeeper of this information and first to break the
stories. "major news outlets had ceased reporting on it years ago"
means "no longer profitable". So why should they be paying people
to dredge through it when they aren't producing juicy bits any more?
The two "journalists" whose job was to find stuff in top security
documents that were illegally leaked in the hopes of bringing in
web traffic shouldn't be the least bit surprised that their "research"
positions have come to an end."

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