peak WTF CNNPC: Trump sounds like Hitler, speech written by Putin - [MINISTRY] [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Mar 4 17:26:04 PST 2019

Speaking of train wreck portents of the empire.

Oh CNN, how is it that you excel so severely at being eternally
mockable, the stock of the back stop of the raw stock of humiliating
"Western" (wink wink, bris bris) lame stream media?

  CNN analyst claims Trump’s speech sounded like HITLER's,
  but script was written by... PUTIN?!

     A CNN analyst and Biden Institute adviser has raised eyebrows by
     comparing Donald Trump to Hitler for a turn of phrase once used
     by Joe Biden himself. But she still has no doubt Trump's speech
     was 'scripted by Putin'.

     Offering her thoughts on the president’s speech at the 2019
     Conservative Action Conference (CPAC), Sam Vinograd told her CNN
     colleagues that she was horrified that Trump had spoken about
     “reclaiming our nation’s priceless heritage.”

     For Vinograd, this was clearly a message lifted straight from
     Mein Kampf.

     “His statement makes me sick, on a personal level, preserving
     your heritage, reclaiming our heritage, that sounds a lot like a
     certain leader that killed members of my family and about six
     million other Jews in the 1940s,” she said.

     She went on to lament how Trump had used his CPAC address to
     “spread misinformation and conspiracy theories."

     "He undermined the credibility of several of our institutions,
     he sewed divisions, he sewed confusion, he was speaking to his
     base, but he was also saying things that really looked like
     Vladimir Putin scripted his speech," Vinograd said.

  [ mildly humorous deconstruction of the hypocrisy and stupidity
    follows ]

    … “CNN is a joke. Just not a funny one,”

A twit vid direct of some of the source material, ~3MiB:

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