Polly fans rejoice - our favourite Russian does it again as she flips ... - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Mon Mar 4 02:03:12 PST 2019

... a coin.

That's right, we've blamed this Russian amongst many others for
interfering with our ... democracy, so she better bloody well stop
doing it! Try explaining -that- to India and Pakistan :D

Decision time folks, in our dichomatic world of CIA sponsored
(dominated ackshually, but who's really counting) "main" stream
media, there simply MUST be a good guy, and a bad guy and absolutely
no gray areas in between the legs of the issue… <ahem>

And polly is here to tell us which is which, since simply -everyone-
needs a good opinion to adopt these days:

 #ICYMI - Crisis in Kashmir - Can someone just explain
 who the bad guys are India or Pakistan

I for one welcome our new Russian "queen of disinformation" :)

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