Decentralized exchanges for crypto currencies

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Mar 2 00:35:12 PST 2019

On 2/27/19, Ivan Ivanov <cryptopro at> wrote:
>   Do you think that DEX is good alternative of the centralized ones?

Obviously if true.

Yet most all advertisers of DEX are really selling
a fine grade of non-DEX snakeoil.

In which case even an anon exchange would
be better for some use cases. Go open source
one of those on the darknets too.

> problems
> liquidity

A market is a market. Use it as fit or cry to your government.

> user experience

If it doesn't compile on OpenBSD / FreeBSD / Linux,
it's a shitty experience alright.

> The code is open source


> I have some
> friends

KGB? Bankers? Yet Another Token Offerers?

> building a DEX

Where is the whitepaper?


> You could check their platform here:
>   Keep you privacy and digital identity save!

Whatever site that is, it demands CloudFlare via Tor,
both of which as you know is a CIA Anti-Privacy Op,
so nobody is going to or can visit it even slightly
"privately" or "anon identity" or "safely" as you say.
At least until CloudFlare is removed.

>   I would be always happy to discuss anything regarding
> blockchain and DEXes.

Those regards get linkposted here all the time, no one replies.

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