Social media services support account spoofing

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+1 Steve. One thing you failed to mention is getting laid. That help with all sorts of paranoid thoughts and feelings. She the only chick on this list and she can suck the Flippin paint off a bunker and talk dirty at the same time - therapy for wacko

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On Jun 30, 2019, 4:37 PM, Steve Kinney wrote:

> On 6/18/19 12:32 PM, Ryan Carboni wrote: > Social media services support account spoofing, this simplifies the > creation of government sockpuppets. Government sockpuppets can also > assume the history of other accounts (this is a simple series of mysql > commands, any codebase can accomplish this by copying entries and > assigning them to a new ID),  > > This is a substantial concern to privacy rights. Replying to whole thread's content to date... Privacy rights: What's that? Certainly one has no such thing with regard to use of "social media" providers. Their Terms of Service always say, in moderately opaque language, that users have no 'rights' of any kind, only privileges where/as granted by the provider and revocable at any time for any or no reason. Instances of fraud, identity theft, etc. performed by, or aided and abetted by the provider may be actionable. But lots of luck in the spending contest that results should one take it to Court. > I am being harassed when I attempt to form new friends over the > internet. The US government has effectively controlled my entire life, > and I condemn it entirely. Pardon my language - I do not MEAN to be sarcastic - but somebody needs to "get a life." Face to face IRL human contact, evolving into analog trust relationships based on experience over time. Long distance relationships mediated by technology controlled by third parties can provide significant advantages, but real value lives in the real world. > I see no use for the DOJ Inspector General if > this conduct is so widespread that in my particular case it is > considered to be permissible. As an agency of the U.S. Federal Government, the DoJ exists for one purpose only: To enforce the 'legal rights' of absentee landlords and maintain an environment favorable to commerce. The State has no agencies or departments dedicated to protecting the 'rights' of individuals, except where/as this occurs as an incidental by-product of the above described mission - and in these instances, "money talks and bullshit walks." > I think all social media websites that failed to engage in proper > oversight of this "investigation" should have computer issues. Beware the Tar Baby Principle, a.k.a. "you are attached to what you attack." If harassment by State and/or Corporate actors prompts you to expend all your energy fighting back against invulnerable enemies, they win. Is all. End of story, end of game. Is there somewhere else where applying your time, attention and energy could achieve more valuable results? Compared to wasting all of the above, by definition YES.
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