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Sun Jun 23 14:18:48 PDT 2019

Wikileaks: revenge campaign of the US government?
The US is driving forward the delivery of Julian Assange.
But not only him have the US investigators in the sights:
worldwide Wikileaks supporters in distress

Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Ola Bini, Jacob Appelbaum,
Chelsea Manning, Andy Mueller Maguhn...

The UN Special Representative for Torture, Nils Melzer, speaks of a
"witch hunt" against Assange and the Wikileaks supporters. The US
would seem to be trying to get hold of all sorts of friends and
co-workers and "push" to scare them.
He believes that Assange's "life is really in danger".
What he's accused of is nothing more than what investigative
journalists around the world do every day," says Nils Melzer. "If we
are not vigilant here, press freedom is in danger.",wikileaks312.html,wikileaks312.html

WikiLeaks: The Secret Story 2011

WikiLeaks Documentary via SVT

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