Cryptocurrency: Total Energy Analysis - Crypto Uses Less Than Fiat

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Jun 16 17:38:58 PDT 2019

(from tor-dev: PoW DoS defenses Prop 305: INTRO Cell)

On 6/16/19, Chelsea Holland Komlo <me at> wrote:
> Given the significant environmental impact of POW in other distributed
> systems (blockchain), we should not implement schemes that solve a
> problem for Tor but create problems for people elsewhere (potentially
> irreversible environmental damage).

One must first understand and enumerate the *entirety of all global energy
inputs* going into and making up the legacy fiat currency banking systems,
from both Government and Corporate sectors, and its results, before
attempting to make any claims that cryptocurrency is "worse" [1].
Such cataloging and analysis requires more work, more data, more actual
redpill thought, than just simple hashrate/J/$... so of course people take
shortcuts in such articles, as do other people in their pronouncements
stemming from them.

> Other less-destructive schemes exist to prevent DoS attacks. POW is a
> method, not a goal in itself. Taking a step back and examining the full
> spectrum of available tools would be better.

The needs and model for overlay nets, ie tor, will of course be
different than those above.
And always interesting where tech various ends up being applied.

[1] Hint: Cryptocurrency actually consumes less, and further finally forces
inefficiency and other undesired things out of Fiat by displacing it...
hopefully faster than it can adapt. Some say that has a value, one that
many will be quite happy to sink a bit of premium into if need be.

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