Documentary: Borderless from Lauren Southern

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Published on May 25, 2019


Pre-order your DVD now packed with exclusive content! They may be able
to take our videos off their websites... but purple haired Mandy from
the "hate speech" review department at some big tech giant can't kick
down your door and take your DVDs.

(# NotallMandys # NotAllColoredHair)

Let's try this again... After six months on the ground I'm thrilled to
present #Borderless, the biggest & most comprehensive documentary ever
made on the European border crisis.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made this possible
& am so proud to release the movie totally free! It has been a long,
painstaking journey and I truly believe now, we have created something
incredible that will help shine a light on such an important issue.

I want to make sure as many people are able to see this as possible,
so again, we have made Borderless completely free to watch. Please
share this important documentary with your friends, your family and
coworkers - you might be surprised!

If you enjoyed the movie and would like to tip the creators we would
appreciate that as there was no profit made. We understand not
everyone can afford to give so any support is appreciated even if you
just give us a kind review or share the movie. :)

Paypal: https://www.PayPal.Me/LaurenSouthern
Bitcoin Wallet: 1JLM6GJwaPdNv4dM8K5KkcFHeziXXXMGKT


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