Unpacking the False Flag bible, Gulf of Tonking 2.OH, Starting WW3 For Dummies on half price today only! :D - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Fri Jun 14 04:19:39 PDT 2019

The Dummies Guide to Starting World War 3 is hot off the Russian^BCIA
presses playpenblackmailbook and Iran's arse is toasty. Yep, we all
immediately believe that despite making major moves to be friendly
(and sell moar oil) by releasing a CIA Irani-eye 5-eye spy, dancing
with the Nips and doing everything possible to avoid Oil Sale
Sanctions 1-0-1.

Oh, but the Saudis and Israels wants moar control moah turmoil, more
west banking land and moar moah MOAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHHHHHHHHH!

MOAR Muffaluggerahs! Spank the little goy-sies and watch them blow
up, spank the little goys and watch them blow one another up!

Ok, ok, time for a tutorial - how to bring on public support for your
next bloody and murderous war, CIA-nam style.

Gulf of Tonkin 2.OH?! You betcha :D  Yee Haw muggahluffaguhs, da
YANKs are BACK in town yo!

  False Flag intro to World War 3 tanker attacks

    Most wars in the past 100 years have been started with a ‘spark’
    which might be (((assassination))), (((attacking of))) a ship
    muffaluckas!, or bombing of Pearl Harbor by (((ignoring all
    signals at the behest of TPTB))).  As we explain in Splitting
    Pennies the world is not as it seems.

    … Obviously, in the minds of the brainwashed masses, there is no
    such a thing as a false flag so Pompeo can pass the red face test
    when he is testifying in front of Congress.  In the minds of the
    many – who could it be except the evil Iran, who dare attack a
    Japanese ship during a Japanese domestic event.  How dare they?
    We’ll show them.  More at 11.

Ahh yes, insatiable appetite for $mullah$ $mullah$ $mullh$

But WARNING and TAKE NOTICE, there is almost a 100% CERTAINTY that

So with that particular FACT (muckaloffas!) in mind, let's continue
with the article above:

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday described
    what he said was a secret atomic warehouse in Tehran and
    accused Europe of appeasing Iran as he sought to rally support
    for U.S. sanctions against the Islamic Republic.  Netanyahu
    said the site contained some 15 kg (33 pounds) of radioactive
    material that has since been moved, and he called on the U.N.
    atomic agency to inspect the location immediately with Geiger
    counters.  “I am disclosing for the first time that Iran has
    another secret facility in Tehran, a secret atomic warehouse
    for storing massive amounts of equipment and materiel from
    Iran’s secret nuclear program,” Netanyahu said.

Ooohhhhhhhhhhh, sooooo, so so wrong! It really IS the Israelis - oh
well, let's just pretend it's not them because to ack a fackt is
anti-f¤cking-semitic, rite?


So just don't bloody go there, (((the international bankers))) may
get upset that their latest war is being exposed.


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