learn this one little trick (((the Fed))) uses to boost stocks and lyft the USD - [MONEY] [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Thu Jun 13 19:44:34 PDT 2019

"We are quantitively easing the future into the present like a
hypodermic cocktail of psychotropic pain limiters needled directly
into the stock, bond and futures markets".

Yee haw, on fire, QE infinity is hitting the tickers and everything
is absolutely Kuroda'd! I mean is absolutely Bernankied! Sorry, I
mean is absolutely Draghied! Nope, not quite, I mean is absolutely

Nearly, stay with me now, I mean everything is ABOSLUTELY FANTASTIC!

  Are you not entertained?!?!?!!@#@!#!@!!!!!!!

BOJ on new year's day 2018:

  BoJ Offers To Buy Unlimited Debt, Boosts POMO In Panic Response To
  Surging Rates

The Fed today, officially renamed "New Trump's Day":

  One Trick Pony: The Fed Is Pushing On A String
    After a decade of zero interest rates and floods of liquidity by
    the Fed into the financial markets … there is a rising
    probability the effectiveness of QE will be much less than during
    the last recessionary cycle … such actions will drive the 10-year
    interest rate to ZERO
    … This is the same liquidity trap that Japan has wrestled with
    for the last 20 years … The problems that face Japan are similar
    to what we are currently witnessing in the U.S.
    … The lynchpin to Japan, and the U.S., remains interest rates. If
    interest rates rise sharply it is effectively “game over” as
    borrowing costs surge, deficits balloon, housing falls, revenues
    weaken, and consumer demand wanes. It is the worst thing that can
    happen to an economy that is currently remaining on life support.

  Albert Edwards: "There Is An Earthquake Happening In Government
    "The rumblings of the US bond market have now turned into an
    ear-piercing scream that a recession is close and the Fed needs
    to start cutting rates quickly."

  "When, Not If" - Trader Warns The Dollar Is Far More In Play Than
  It Looks
    ... the overwhelming consensus view is that the U.S. currency is
    going down... the biggest source of contention seems to be when,
    not if, the move will start.

  Hong Kong Interbank Rates Soars To 2008 Highs To Preserve Bank
  Stability, Crush FX Shorts
    Hong Kong's currency soared and stocks plunged as the mauling of
    FX shorts slammed local financial assets.

  If Gold Was Just A Barbarous Relic...
    The global monetary regime has collapsed three times over the
    past 100 years, in 1914, 1939, and 1971. They seem to happen
    about every 30 to 40 years on average. It’s now been over 40
    years since the last collapse, so we’re due...

  Englander: Is The Fed (Or Any Central Bank) Still Credible?
    "The Fed’s current approach in the face of a big shock would be
    to make a big commitment and hope that it is credible enough to
    convince businesses and households to start spending... but even
    Fed Chair Powell is not convinced that this will work..."

The real reason for QE - maintaining the illusion of USD dominance:

  Who Is Really Funding Uncle Sam?
    If foreign investors remain uninterested and the Fed avoids
    restarting QE, this situation will become much more obvious...and
    diverting attention to “penguins on the telly” will do us no

  Rickards: "Perfect Storm" Is Coming
    "I cannot imagine a better setup for catastrophe. No one ever
    sees disaster coming. That’s the point..."

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