“First they came” … Crowder and other plantation idjits 'tube banned … Innernet speaks back

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Fri Jun 7 03:05:16 PDT 2019

So First they came and 1984 is in full swing as most 'round here are
well aware.

So "Crowder" has been de-Shopify'ed, and folks are literally all
"thus begins the slippery slope of censorship":


Which is funny as dog shirts of course.

Thankfully 100s, possibly thousands of voices are pointing out the
bloody obvious, for one rando example:

  Fuck of with your faux concern. Where were you on Anglin and Weev?

Reed it and peep:

  As Everyone is Shut Down, Andrew Anglin is Given Credit as the Man
  These Cuckolds Should Have Defended!

(For the uninitiated, install "Tor Browser" or a Tor browser
Good luck,)

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