Apparently, Feds agree that offering money for people's deaths is okay!!

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Wed Jul 31 12:18:30 PDT 2019

Osama bin Laden's son Hamza, 'crown prince of terror', believed dead via
Jim Bell's comment below:
Although, yet to be known is if there is a mechanism to allow the assassin to collect the money anonymously, or a mechanism to prove to the public that the 'right' person actually got paid, etc.Who would kill bin Laden's son, if he had to prove he actually did the deed?  Wouldn't that info leak? Or if he did kill, and yet the US government refused to pay, how could he complain and prove to the public he deserved, and yet didn't receive, the earned payoff?   That, without identifying himself?   Or, how could false claims of non-payment be identified, to the public?
These are all questions I recognized in 1995 needed to be answered to set up a reliable, efficient assassination market.
A well-implemented AP-type (Assassination Politics) system would have to provide such assurances to everyone involved, including the public.  Each member of the public is potentially a future participant in the system.
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