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Steven Schear <schear.steve at gmail.com> wrote:

> This new corporate workplace enforcement of limited worldviews only is
> different in degree than what used to pass for the loyalty oaths in
> totalitarian states. Time for corporate regime changes?
> https://mises.org/wire/rise-woke-capitalism

	meaningless rambling and whining about some fascist corporations because said fascist corporations are 'left wing' instead of beign right wing fascist corporations, the kind of fascist corporation that fake libertarians love. 

	some nuggets : 

	"Treaty of Detroit, in which US automakers agreed to labor contracts with the United Auto Workers that in the long run proved harmful to those companies. " 
	that's horrible - you see in the minds of narcho capitalists, huge concentration of power at the hands govcorp is great, but labor unions which might slightly limit that power are evil.

	"supporting the sexualization of children, the woke corporate workplace has moved well beyond trying to help one’s employer make a profit..." 

	wow! that line comes directly fron the feminazi pentagon. Some right wing, piece of anti-sex shit hysterically screeching about the 'sexualization of children' - children exhibiting natural sexual behaviors being the most horrible 'crime'...against the 'worldview' of western scum. 

	Okey, okey, here's of course the bottom line 

	"...In fact, it seems that places like Google would rather have mediocre employees who are “woke” than excellent employees who are Christians. " 

	so the article's author is piece of right wing shit screeching about the horrors of sex while sucking christian dick. 

	Hey Steve, congrats for linking an especially noteworthy piece of garbage from mises.org, number one source for narcho fascism and right wing, fake 'libertarianism'. 







	for teh record, mises.org is the number one source of 'anarcho' corporate fascism - you can find a


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