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On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 10:33:19AM -0000, skankhunt42 wrote:
> > xorcist:
> > I remember when this list had posts from Assange and others
> > on actual cryptographic techniques and tools,
> > where real information was shared.
> Sounds like you've been eating them member berries [0].
> The episode [1] pokes at trolls and the US elections.
> [0]:
> [1]: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7b5fd54d7f69f6bb68b1af7be3fbfa2a4489786f&dn

Dat some dark member berries y'all got there :)

Da Fed - cuttin' fo dey lives. Yo :D

  Did Steve Liesman Just Expose The 'Existential' Reason For
  A Fed Cut This Week?

    … In a brief 45 seconds, [CNBC's] Liesman drops the "existential"
    threat argument for why Powell will do whatever it takes to stay in
    Trump's good graces...

      "If The Fed gets this wrong, I think that they think if they make
       a mistake here, The Fed could be gone..."

    Liesman expands on his ominous view:

      "Think about what happens when a person gets up at a rally and
       starts railing against The Federal Reserve, and starts to
       create what could lead to Congressional pressure on The Fed,
       then you could imagine that their could be support for a
       different system."

      "I think they think there's a lot of political downside risk to
       getting this wrong."

    With Democratic Party presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard urging
    a new 'Audit The Fed' Bill, we wonder if Ron Paul will live to
    see the day when The Fed is ended!


Ending of the Federal Reserve?  "Ominous"?  Ha!  Now --that's--
hysterical muh grits - ominous for (((the Federal Reserve banking
system))) perhaps.  Sheesh, what do they think we are these days -
ignorant goys or somethin'?

The end of a fraudulent, unconsitutional, privately held, fake (fiat)
money printing crime ring?  A good, not a bad, thing.

  How Counterfeiting Works

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