Assassination Politics, Pro-Crypto Lobbying (re: Trump DOJ Sues BTC Exch for $100M)

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Jul 28 15:43:35 PDT 2019

On 7/28/19, jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:
> Yahoo Finance: Trump DOJ Sues Infamous Bitcoin Exchange for $100 Million.

BTC-e's Vinnik

> Jim Bell's comment:Digital cash and Dark Market people must prepare to
> protect themselves by forming, and using, an AP (Assassination Politics)
> system (  One that doesn't target people by
> name, but instead by function.  Dark Markets would be impossible to take
> down if all government personnel who would participate in such prosecutions
> and lawsuits knew that they'd get a $250K bounty on their heads for
> attempting that.

A simple $250M staking across up to roughly 1000 smart
contracts will let you influence the entire US congress,
the top two in each Executive and Military department, plus
a good number of Judges, Bankers, State Governors, big city
Police Chiefs and Mayors, etc.

Even just half that scope is within the reach of hundreds of crypto hodlers.

Given most influencees will wisely desist and or leave their GovCorp
jobs well before any stake is ever expended, and only a few stakes
will ever end up being spent... that seems a very low cost and low
risk way for some crypto OG to impart real change in their lifetime.

Not only will their smart contracts rarely trip into a spent
condition, they will 100x their entire holdings by creating the
most pro-cryptocurrency (aka: explicitly nonregulated) naturally
adoption ready geopolitical environment they could ever dream of.

Alternatively, the same $250M could also finance 5000 $50k
"lobbying efforts" in favor of commitments to pro-cryptocurrency, etc.

There is so much win that cryptocurrency hodlers could
have out there if they would just realise and spend a little.

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