Faith In Technology [ex: Crypto GovBankCorp]

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Fri Jul 26 12:14:38 PDT 2019

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grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> On 7/26/19, Punk <punks at> wrote:
> > supreme scum ... immortal
> Supreme good... immortal.

	There are some decent people but I'm not seeing any supreme good deserving immortality. So this is the same wrong premise again. The premise is that technical development is neutral when in reality technical development controlled by the ruling class (what we have and always have had) favors the ruling class. 

> Or scum potentially turning good if suggesting
> only scum have access to the injection.

	kurzweil, the rothschilds, goldman sachs and all the rest will N e v e r turn good. I don't understand your "if suggestiong..." clause.

> > immortal
> Depends on if the masses of sheeple who might in fact
> end up rising against the scum if given another 50 years
> to develop their thinking away from their own slavery...

	I suggest you look at reality instead of engaging in wishful thinking. It's pretty much a fact of nature and a fact of life that young people are  rebellious and have little interest in the status quo. And as people get old they become more conservative, more indoctrinated, more attached to their fucked up ways, etc etc. In other words, making people live longer will make things WORSE, not better. 

> are currently waking up too late, only to be killed off too
> early by nature 

	you coulnd't be more wrong. The solution isn't to preserve the fucked up grown ups - the solution is to raise the new generations in a liberal/anarchist culture. 

> to do anything about it.
> Immortality could put enough fraction of entire
> mass toward end scum.

	nope. On the contrary, the moment somebody says something the masters don't like he can't buy 'immortality pills' anymore. 

> > peasants.
> Whether your or anyone's proposed future is
> reverting to prehistoric, or continued advancing,
> still same problem... or uses gold or crypto...
> still same problem...... rulers over you.

	Exactly. And the material circumstances aren't too relevant.  I mean look at all the right wing gun nutcases in 'America' - have they ever lifted a finger againt their government? Of cours NOT. The right wing nutcases are the number one suckers of uncle sam's cock. 

> It's not the future or the coin that matter as much,
> they are but environments and tools,
> it's what you do with them to end the rulers.

> How are you going to get rid of the scum?

	Oh the plan is pretty easy. It's just a matter of there being enough people willing to stop them. 


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