Censors steer cryptography at metzdowd.com mailing list, kill free and open discussion

John Newman jnn at synfin.org
Fri Jul 26 05:02:26 PDT 2019

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On July 26, 2019 5:47:48 AM UTC, grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:
>Rethread from
>Priv said:
>>> Subject: You have been unsubscribed from the cryptography mailing
>> that looks a lot like an auto-remove due to bounces
>No. That's the admin unsubscribe button talking.
>cryptography at metzdowd.com is run by silly censors.
>> Perhaps this would be a good time to
>Call them out and quit that list for elsewhere.
>> You have been unsubscribed from the cryptography mailing list
>> 554 5.7.1 <cryptography at metzdowd.com>: Recipient address rejected:
>> you must be a subscriber to cryptography at metzdowd.com to post to the
>> The email address you supplied is banned from this mailing list. If
>> you think this restriction is erroneous, please contact the list
>> owners at cryptography-owner at metzdowd.com.
>To expand... there were *never* at any time any messages
>posted through to the list that in any way justify
>this laughable action by Perry the Censor, because
>the list is under total moderation... as such, said
>"moderaters" have personally approved every single
>poster, thread, and message to the list. Therefore
>every message posted to the list, including mine,
>has been *by exclusive logical definition* fully
>compliant with charter and fully endorsed by
>"moderator" and, regarding what did post, had every
>oppurtunity to be discussed, counter opined, even
>objected to by the list recipients publicly on list, to
>which there were effectively no substantive objections
>therein, either due to lack of cause, and or due to
>themselves being censored on objections, thus
>any of those objections were logically deemed invalid
>by moderator that action serving as a double approval
>by moderator.
>There is no reason to believe subjects of censorship
>will be permitted to open original thread discussion
>on list regarding such censorship, nor be successful
>in raising argument direct to censorious moderators...
>history shows both those as generally futile efforts...
>thus there can be no real expectation that the censored
>should even bother trying such avenues of recourse.
>To wit, who has succeeded with Facebook, YouTube,
>Twitter, Instagram, etc... people have to quit them
>and move to better solutions.
>Instead of following on from the rare mentions of
>censorship that did made it on list by opening up a full
>original thread discussion with and for subscribers
>on list in public as to why Perry the Censor approved
>tens of one sided threads and posts through to the
>list, and then blocked counter opinion, reference
>links, conversation and data from being posted in
>reply to those very same threads and posts moderators
>approved in the first place, or by direct notice...
>Perry the Censor hit the ban button when proven and
>logged out as Biased Censor to the other topically
>related yet unmoderated and public cypherpunks list.
>Note the ban button clearly being laughably pointless,
>and supports above status, as again, the list is under
>total moderation whereby all posts must be approved,
>and the ban button has zero effect on other fora.
>At least now more people know the list is unreasonably
>biased and censored.
>""Cryptography" is ... devoted to cryptographic
>technology and its political impact ... security and
>privacy technology and its impact ... technical
>aspects of cryptosystems, social repercussions of
>cryptosystems, and the politics of cryptography ...
>export ... laws ..."
>Surely Satoshi is a bit dissapointed at artificial curtailment
>of discussion in above areas regarding their cryptosystem
>Genesis. One would hope that no original leaks of
>Top Secret breaks to cryptosystems are being censored
>there, and that no other games are being played with
>crypto topics... who knows.
>I might reconsider claimed status in re censorship, bias,
>hypocrisy, etc upon such time as there is free and open
>discussion on the cryptography at metzdowd.com list such
>that the list membership may become apprised
>and participate as the ongoing source of moderation
>guidance, and upon such time as any reasonably mindful
>to charter original threads approved are able to
>enjoy reasonably full illumination thereafter by all
>subscribers interested in doing so respectably within
>thread topic as developed.
>Here's the censored post that caused the Censor's minds to explode...
>For more fun... besides searching this list for more
>"cryptography at metzdowd.com" censorship logs,
>and the FUD and Anti posts moderator approved to be thrown
>at true cypherpunk cryptoanarchic cryptocurrencies and philosophy
>over time there... see all the random posts that then got approved
>even in just this OP thread, yet the sole one that plainly noted
>prophecy regarding both Orange's Twittered USD and Red's FB Libra
>Fiat GovBankCorp Regulator Coins... got censored, it's not there...
>... you have no idea what got censored in that thread,
>or in any other thread there over the years, because there's
>zero transparency there... it's readers are seemingly
>being steered by Censors tilting... seeded, fed, and programmed
>with a thought stream that is not permitted to be countered.
>Is this what we should have for a group of applied cryptographers,
>GovCorp consultants, open source devs, that at least part of
>the world might look to for, or receive in, their crypto things?
>And here's Serf and Order Follower Tamzen Cannoy doing
>Perry Metzger the Censors wetwork for him as usual...
>Don't be Silenced, Share the Risk, Speak Freely...
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