Does this seem like a logical course of action?

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> Woman commits numerous crimes, and certainly numerous acts which are an offense against society.
> Woman is later threatened with perjury, takes immunity, names a man, makes slanderous allegations against him, and is exonerated (???).
> US government investigators later go on to decide the best action, is to mount an investigation against that single man, devote millions of dollars of resources just to monitor him. Most evident motivation is to put pressure against the guy so that he may crack and do ... (???) to accomplish (???). Unclear if man is framed or somehow condoned the allegations against himself, although the latter is totally illogical?
> Years pass, the investigation continues, they continue efforts, and insinuate the allegations against him (when they are self-evidently false). They also begin “flexing”, showing off that law enforcement interfaces have non-public features to (???) to accomplish (???).
> Government admits to nothing. Situation reaches extreme ludicrousness. Somehow the investigation into this one man, that has accomplished nothing, that is unlikely to yield anything, who never met the woman in question, is prioritized over everything else, for no other reason than this is the only possible investigation that they could devote so much resources to over so long to dedicate to one person.
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