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>> > > > > What's the answer to the Fermi paradox?
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>> > > I was hinting at something simpler. Namely: any sufficiently
>> > > intelligent life form will destroy itself 
>> > 
>> > 	why? 
>> It's a cynical way of looking at what seems to be a rapacious
>> species, who seems to have its eye on short term gains, 
>	is that the species, or the ruling class? Are you putting for instance
>wall street bankers and their victims worldwide in the same bag? 

Yeah, probably so. But I'm not sure it's unfounded. Nation
states and big business do, more or less, run the whole
bag and make decisions for the whole species. 

>> and is
>> continually on the edge of unsustainable expansion or unintentional
>> self-destruction. 
>> Nick Bostrum has some other theories that aren't exactly existential
>> ends, but "the gradual elimination of all forms of being worth caring
>> about" (not talking about the simulation hypothesis).
>	"We then consider how such catastrophic outcomes could be avoided and
>argue that under certain conditions the only possible remedy would be a
>globally coordinated policy to control human evolution" 
>	 "globally coordinated policy to control human evolution" of course
>means world government by anglo-western-swede scum. 
>	  a closer look at the article shows a lot of pseudo scientific
>babbling including the completely unwarranted assumption that 'mind
>uploading' 'works'. But it also seems that bostrom is worried about
>humans being 'outcompeted' by 'machines'. Of course the idea is
>ridiculous, and bostrom like a good fascist completely ignores the
>existence of the ruling class (his employers), the ruling class being
>of course the people who happen to own the machines, and pretends that
>it's all a matter of 'evolution'. Watch out! Your microwave oven is
>going to 'evolve' and kill you while you sleep!
>	So we can assume that bostrom is a world wide wannabe tyrant of the
>'benevolent' kind. (then again, what sort of wannabe tyrant would show
>his hand by acknowleding that he's evil - you know their motto : don't
>be evil!)

Lol! Yeah, he has some funny ideas. I haven't read any
of his papers in years I just remembered him because 
someone at work was talking about the fucking 
simulation hypothesis today.

>	At any rate he favors something he calls "eudaemonic agents" which
>seems to be people(?) whith some morally worthy qualities. Then again,
>given bostrom's pseudo-scientific, reductionist, 'evolutionary'
>babbling, the distinction is pretty much arbitrary. Either 'evolution'
>favors 'survival of the fittest' - whatever 'fittest' means, or it
>doesn't. And then 'evolution'  is either outside of 'human' control, or
>whatever 'humans' do is part of 'evolution' as well. 
>	"Might not individuals acting in a free market allocate their
>resources optimally between eudaemonic “consumption” and non-eudaemonic
>	What free market?
>	"Reining in evolution is a feat that could only be accomplished by a
>singleton. " 
>	a worldwide nazi empire controlled by jew-kristians like bostrom.
>Funnily enough, he wants world wide tyranny to prevent the 'rise of the
>machines' that his world wide western nazi empire is currently
>executing. Then again, laughable contradiction is the 'founding
>principle' of statism. 
>> > 	
>> > 	however, I'd assume that intelligent beings wouldn't bother
>'colonizing the universe'. So there isn't any 'paradox'. Just a self
>centered assumption made by some ppl. 
>> Yeah, I hope so. That's the positive way to think about it, and how I
>> hope shit plays out - how it would have to have played out, all over 
>> the trillions of galaxies with billions of stars and exoplanets that 
>> make up the universe, over the past ~14B years. Of course, its also
>> possible the "Great Filter" could be something else entirely, or some
>> other explanation. 
>	Right, The 'fermi paradox' is wildly speculative stuff with tons of
>completely unknown variables. 
>> Anyway, we'll likely be dead before humanity totally shits the bed,
>if it 
>> does happen, so who gives a fuck, right :)
>	I don't care about humanity per se. I do care about some people today.
>I do give a fuck for instance about the ruling class being shredd to
>pieces, like they deserve. And that has little or nothing to do with
>cosmic events spanning an eternal and infinite universe. 

Haha, I was making a little joke about my own evaluation
of human nature :).  I do care about freedom, and actually
I do care about the future of humanity. I don't give half a 
fuck for the ruling class.

I've heard it said that the Neolithic Revolution was the 
biggest misstep humanity ever took... I don't know if
I agree, but there's something to the idea. Of course, it's
not like there was any stopping it. Farmers started
accumulating more than they could eat, wealth and cities
and slave states were born, and the rest is just history...

>	see, bostrom is one of the scumbags that must be shredded to pieces. 
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