Cryptocurrency: Brings Down GovBankCorp

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> 	No. My whole case is based on commodity money
> money is not just an 'accounting system' based on 'trust'.
> study money before talking about money.

Then tell us, what are your complete properties of money?
Surely not strictly a "commodity".
What is even your definition of "commodity"?

> 	And I'll stress again that your cryptosystems depend on hardware that is
> currently fully controlled by your enemy, and that you don't have any way
> and not even a plan to produce your own hardware. Apart from an idiotic
> twatter 'hashtag' #openfabs

People have ways and plans. What you think those tags are for but
to troll around and see who else gets thinking and talking on
ways and plans before developing and executing them.
Sure as hell don't see anyone talking about the subject
from there on Perry's Censored StateCorp list, lol. Nor here.
So why fucking bother, to be the only one with such gear? Nope.

> 	"Cryptocurrency: Brings Down GovBankCorp"
> 	No, it doesn't.

Cypherpunks CryptoAnarchists seem to think it can.
Go find and talk with them about it here.

>> Gold is at least reasonable, but is also a really fucking
>> hard problem.
> 	still easier than 'open fabs'

Net cost, all in, probably within same magnitude.
Especially considering once competitive #OpenHW
produced on #OpenFabs is on the market it will
crush out closed untrustable shit. Then what
is there to say... nothing.

> Gold was obviously displaced because govcorp scum can't
> print trillions of tons of gold. Not even g'ds chosen master race can do it!

Of course. That's why cypherpunks came up with
proof of work... so long as cost of any given attack
is greater than any sum of attackers, no such masters
can do it.

Stupid race of sheeple let gold get displaced by scum
is another story altogether.

> 	dude, ALL cryptocurrencies require a ledger and 100s of billions in govcorp
> owned  'infrastructure'.

Who do you think owns all the gold infrastructure, mining,
shipping, storage, ledgers, exchange. You think you and
your little sack can securely hold all the gold you ever need
in life between your legs? Your arms can securely
aim and throw it over the hundreds of kilometres you
might wish to send it directly to another party?

Get real, dude.
You want to live on a farm, fuck I'll join ya,
plow fields and some hot wives. But till then.

>> Cryptocurrency as prophecied by cypherpunks
> religious fraud

Fuck religion. Live your own.

> 	not sure what 'cypherpunk assumption' you're referring to.

Prerequisite assumptions for a cypherpunk cryptoanarchist cryptocurrency...
electricity, internet, crypto

Don't have them?... you're back to farmville.

> 	it remains way better than futuristic cryptogarbage accounting based on
> 'faith', eh 'trust'.

Take it up in public with the entire cryptocurrency space,
surely they'd love to have you keynote or panel their conventions.

Bring Schiff along with you, he's a pretty cool guy
to hang out with.

> 	enlighten me about 'safe storage' of private keys please?

Enlighten the list about 'safe storage' of gold, please.
Not much fucking difference.

>> > a bunch of 'mining farms' being raided, etc
>> Tor Directory Authorities being raided?

> NSA spying network?

A raid is a raid, an op an op.
Networks, code, and hw have been jacked all
to hell and back by now. You know that.

> 	kinda wondering what you mean?

The problem is at a higher level than current
defenses or action deployed against it.
Sheeple need to uplevel their game if they
expect to win it. Most don't even know how
fucked they are.

> 	the stakes are not high enough?

You know all people care about is youtube.
No high stakes there, no free thought, no real battles being fought.

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