Cryptocurrency: Brings Down GovBankCorp

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> Your whole case for gold seems based on
> some desire to limit oneself to local affairs

	No. My whole case is based on commodity money being better than 'crypytocurrencies', something that I'm showing and you just keep ignoring.

	Also, you clearly do not understand money, or are playing dumb. At any rate you don't have a leg to stand on. No, money is not just an 'accounting system' based on 'trust'. That view is exactly the view that govcorp fascists, commies and similar 'intelectuals' have on money. I suggest you study money before talking about money.

	And I'll stress again that your cryptosystems depend on hardware that is currently fully controlled by your enemy, and that you don't have any way and not even a plan to produce your own hardware. Apart from an idiotic twatter 'hashtag' #openfabs

	"Cryptocurrency: Brings Down GovBankCorp" 

	No, it doesn't. 

> Gold is at least reasonable, but is also a really fucking
> hard problem. 

	still easier than 'open fabs'

> That's partly why it got easily and rapidly
> displaced by the wrong cryptocurrency system, aka Fiat.

	that's one sample of the politically and economically ignorant nonsense you've been spewing. Gold was obviously displaced because govcorp scum can't print trillions of tons of gold. Not even g'ds chosen master race can do it! 

> So again, if you want that, which most do, you're back
> to creating a "system" to do that, which if it's strong
> enough to do it right, is itself morphable into a cryptocurrency.

	ignorant nonsense

> > without needing an internet connection and without anybody knowing that the
> > transaction took place apart from us two. Digital 'cash' does not have those
> > properties.
> Bitcoin-BTC over clearnet... definitely not.
> Privacy coins (or over darknets)... more likely,
> and as crypto brings things down.

	dude, ALL cryptocurrencies require a ledger and 100s of billions in govcorp owned  'infrastructure'.

> > personally manage your own money, or let god's choosen master race do it...
> Cryptocurrency as prophecied by cypherpunks
> does not require masters. 

	bla bla - but I guess it's nice that you use the word 'prophecy' since you're clearly engaging in religious fraud, not presenting a rational argument. 

> Stocks, more generally any vehicle for investment returns,
> most seem to like that, you'd have propose significantly
> more attractive or philosophical things to make that burn.

	I said wall street should be burnt down and you're defending stocks? 

> Changing the cypherpunk assumption invokes an entirely
> new thread 

	not sure what 'cypherpunk assumption' you're referring to. Is that more religious nonsense on your part? Some absurd and unproven article of techno faith perhaps? 

> > 	I'm simply  pointing out that your 'digital cash' is  worse than gold and
> > that believing that it would 'magically' overthrow governmetn is laughable
> > wishful thinking or worse.
> Other than lack of transmissibility, safe storage without
> [un] trust{ed,able} third parties, assay, etc, etc... gold
> isn't that bad.

	it remains way better than futuristic cryptogarbage accounting based on 'faith', eh 'trust'.

	also, again just one sample of your nonsense

	> safe storage  

	enlighten me about 'safe storage' of private keys please? 

> > a bunch of 'mining farms' being raided, etc
> Tor Directory Authorities being raided?

	kinda wondering what you mean? Are you admiting that all the 'anonimity' available comes from the US navy and their spying network within the NSA spying network? 

> The stakes simply aren't yet high enough to
> really begin testing those boundaries.

	the stakes are not high enough? 

> Cypherpunks say they will be,
> and predict that crypto will win.

	yeah because of blind faith in 'technology'. I guess you are unable to appreciate what sort of involuntary self parody you have achieved here. 


> Time will tell.
> >
> Admiral Ackbar says "It's a trap".

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