Burner phone for international call from US

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun Jul 21 19:04:45 PDT 2019

For generic and *ware free inexpensive phones,
most of which are entirely unlocked and can run
LineageOS if need be, choose anything on this program...



The Nokia 2.2 should be available in your physical
stores within a month, others already are.

Or upgrade hw (puri.sm) and sw (pureos.org)
to the more flexible, open, secure...

Or downgrade to any used shit you
find on your local classifieds.

Throw any paygo SIM that has the international
rates you want (free or cheap to n countries or
numbers) from any shop into it.

Total minimum cost for hw and fresh number
roughly under $50USD to $170USD.

Moving to more exotic and resistant levels
will take much more time and money.

> somehow disguising
> the phone number by calling the carrier and requesting this and that
> option.

Uselessly ambiguous, needs reference link.

> number would be successfully hidden during the international phone call.

Nor any toll free call, you need the D channel
or voip proxy service for that, some of which are
payable in crypto, see exotic above.

> purchase offline with cash.

Wear shades, hoodie, Fawkes, avoid the cameras.

> apps that record all the phone calls
> loud speakerphone so I can point a small
> digital audio recorder at it and record the calls for later
> transcription.


> have at least a non-Seattle area code

Prepaid SIM's let you choose during http registration.


> not sure if they can make international
> calls, being government funded.

That would be a ridiculous prior restraint on
US Constitutional free speech, immoral as
all such restraints are. Sue the fuckers if so.

Don't forget to lobby your fucked up government
critters to continue allowing no-ID SIM's for victims
of cyberstalking, rape, pro-whatever activists, etc.

> possible to install one of the seedy call-recording apps on one of these
> gov devices.

See above.

> subreddit

Reddit search function.

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charon%27s_obol



As you can clearly see, the afterlife is talkin crypto,
better stuff people with that because they won't
be taking Fiat or shiny shit much longer ;)

> aspiring cryptocurrency hoarders

Pay me at an address to be published later.

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