Burner phone for international call from US

Douglas Lucas dal at riseup.net
Sun Jul 21 16:31:36 PDT 2019

Oh, and another thing people have suggested is to simply use my own
LineageOS smartphone, hand it to my comrade, after somehow disguising
the phone number by calling the carrier and requesting this and that option.

The problem with this is there's no easy way to test that my phone
number would be successfully hidden during the international phone call.

And although many people will scream their certainties about that, I
prefer to actually test, and there's no easy way to test as I have no
test phone call receipient in the abroad country in question.

(What prevents people who have no knowledge of X to scream what they
insist is the truth about X? Nothing.)



On 7/21/19 11:26 PM, Douglas Lucas wrote:
> Dear cryptocurrency hoarders, aspiring cryptocurrency hoarders, and
> those discarded by -- or barely hanging on in -- a global (anti)society
> dedicated to assigning high status to those most adept at hoarding
> commodities, while exterminating those odd enough to, like, help others:
> In Seattle where I reside, I'd like to purchase a burner phone for less
> than $100 USD, though upper limit price is negotiable. Preferably
> purchase offline with cash.
> This phone will be used by a comrade, whom I will coach, to place an
> international call to a Western country, and a few calls within the
> United States.
> I do not want the recipients of the calls to associate them with me, my
> name, my voice, my phone number, etc. The recipients of the calls are
> low-level staffpeople at small/medium-sized enterprises and/or
> educational institutions.
> I do not care what super-duper state-level, corporate-level adversaries
> know about me and my comrade and the calls. So although juking the NSA
> and doing James Bond backflips is key to cryptofarters' masturbatory
> fantasies, please hew to the standard spiels about threat models, etc.
> Just trying to trick, er undercover interview, some low level
> staffpeople at small/medium firms and educational institutions. Not God.
> A key point is, it would be good if I could install onto the device one
> of those obscure Russian or otherwise seedy apps that record all the
> phone calls, so I may transcribe the phone calls later. If that's not an
> option, then the device needs a loud speakerphone so I can point a small
> digital audio recorder at it and record the calls for later transcription.
> The purpose is journalistic research which, sorry not sorry Russophile
> Zennadsfnsdjg Harkargfdsjkghsdkjg, I will not describe, even though last
> time I asked something research-y you tried to pry the purpose out of
> me, probably so you could use it a springboard to scream pro-Putin crap.
> Some folks in Seattle suggested I obtain, from another person, one of
> the government-funded smartphones that are sometimes handed out by
> social services here. I've used these devices before, so many millions
> of adverts clog the screens, they're a nightmare. Also they would betray
> the area code, which probably isn't a problem but it would be ideal to
> have at least a non-Seattle area code, maybe an area code in some other
> Washington state area? Also I'm not sure if they can make international
> calls, being government funded. Does anyone know? Also I'm not sure it's
> possible to install one of the seedy call-recording apps on one of these
> gov devices.
> I'll be out of state in a few days, travelling in the US Pacific
> Northwest for a few days, so if there's a model y'all would suggest I
> buy at an out-of-state 7-Eleven or something, please let me know.
> If you don't know, maybe you could suggest a subreddit where it would be
> more helpful to ask, or an up-to-date guide or FAQ about this sort of thing.
> Thanks! May all your cryptocurrency fantasies come true --
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charon%27s_obol -- may instead of gazing
> at Assange's face endlessly, we instead do things that are pro social.
> Doug

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