Cryptocurrency: Brings Down GovBankCorp

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Sat Jul 20 12:25:22 PDT 2019


"India announces it plans to ban all crypto. Banning mosquitos after a
rain in the summer would stand a better chance of being enforceable."

"The U.S. cannot even ban weed - after 70 years of trying. How can a
country ban the use of privacy coins like Monero or Apollo, when used
on truly distributed exchanges. Banning the invisible, used by the
anonymous. Wake up world! Crypto is the mythical Pandora's box come to

"Crypto has now threatened our government so much that it has become a
"National Security" issue. The "security" threatened is not that of
our nation's citizens, but that of the corrupt government that has
enslaved us."

"Bitcoin's price dipped after Trump's negative tweet. Proof that few
in the investment community understand even the the basic principles
of Crypto. The existing power structure is powerless to influence
Crypto - which is a mathematical system operating outside of power
itself."  <-- This is your cash  <-- This is your
gold, and any true cypherpunk cryptoanarchist cryptocurrency

> Facebook issuing their own, piece-of-shit credit card is just more growth of the american terrorist cancer.

>> Jim Bell's comment: I believed in 1995 that digital cash would bring down all governments, only now Mnuchin is catching up?

> facebook's credit card would technically be 'digital', but it's not even cash. It would be just more digital accounting fraud on top of the fraud known as the americunt dollar.

>        as to 'digital cash'* bringing down governments, that's just fantasy.

A digital "cash / currency"... those terms are containers
into which people dump various descriptive words and
capabilities in order to try to define them, with no set of
words yet universally and exclusively accepted by all as a
definition... that has a set of capabilities that empowers
its users to route around the artificial unnatural and immoral
nature of governments, will in fact result in their downfall.

The fact that the masses of people under every taxation regime
on the planet routinely engage in "cash" commodity crypto
side channels around such immoral and disliked theft
and murder, and that GovBankCorp are now on a 100%
full bore charge to stamp out cash forever, is proof that
as soon as cryptocurrency reaches whatever magical
combination of capabilities, such routing will happen.

> *cryptocurrencies are not cash AT ALL since they require massive infrastructure

The infrastructure need only do some list of useful things
such as keep accurate ledger, run timely and relatively
inexpensive tx processing, and cost more in distributed
collective defense than any attacker can muster or gain
from offense. "Massive" (which you failed to define) is
not necessarily a requirement.

Long term, costs will drop as cryptocurrency knocks
out its primary threats... Gov Bank Corp.

> all depend on ONE unique ledger

Most cryptocurrencies that utilize a single unique ledger
do so in a redundantly distributed fashion, etc.

Unlike N different central "cash" or Gold ledgers where N
is the number of accounts you have at such GovCorpBank
which can then steal, freeze, zero you out... go bankrupt,
inflate supply, etc, etc.

> even govt paper bills are real cash, they are actually
> decentralized and anonymous.

If those are your exclusive set of words you like to
define "cash" by, then that "cash" works for you.

However "govt paper" implies government exists,
which is most certainly not an ideal situation.

And "decentralized", living somewhere between
a single point dot and 100% distributed amongst
all peers, can have certain risks and mindfulness
needed as well.

> Gold and other commodities

That only works within your range of personal travel.

When you start wanting to "transmit" gold,
then you have to create transmission systems
for physicals and messages, create ledgers,
create trust and security systems and etc that
can span that distance. So in order to effectively
transmit gold, you've essentially created a
cryptocurrency system to do so, at which point
gold itself can and will likely become moot.

The real problem is that you created and allowed
the wrong cryptocurrency system ie: GovBankCorp
as the first such generation of a transmission system.

You now have more or less all of the crypto
and tools needed to create a far better
transmission system.

Most of humanity does not currently desire
to moving society back to your quaint
local agrarian communes or whatever it
is your aggression is advocating for.

Cryptocurrency can work via sneakernet
and even by hand calculation... it just
becomes extremely slow.

The minimum general assumption in cryptocurrency
is that both electricity and digital communication
and computation methods will remain up and generally
accessible to everyone.

At which point, so long as society and ultimately
human DNA maintains the desire for a "forward" progress
that includes electricity comms and compute tech,
GovBankCorp Fiat will remain below Gold
which will remain below Cryptocurrency which
becomes top dog and moots all others.

Maintain fallbacks in the mix as you wish.
But don't be so stupid as to continue to allow
GovBankCorp to rule over and keep you in slavery.

No one ever said crypto was invulnerable
to global thermonuclear war, they just said
you'll have MUCH bigger problems than worrying
about where your crypto, "cash", or gold is.

If you're smart, you'll end government before
they can reach for the launch keys.

@InsertNameSpace said:
Capitalism cannot thrive with a socialist central banking system,
ever. The Federal Reserve is crying. The U.S. has been bankrupt since
after the civil war. 1871 is when the criminal banking cartels took
over. The "United States" is the "District of Columbia"
incorporated... "The United States government is a foreign corporation
with respect to a State" Volume 20: Corpus Juris Sec. ยง 1785, Also: NY
re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S. 0.1973, 14 L. Ed. 287 a "Corporation"
with a legislature was established with all the apparatus of a
distinct government created (Incorporated) by (Presidential)
Legislative Act, February 21, 1871 Forty-first Congress, Session III,
Chapter 62, page 419. We have been borrowing money ever since.

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