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> Stop taunting he already scared own shadow omg. Luv you ci ci
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"ci ci is pretty sick sick" and very hurt at this moment, but loves
you too, my little bot rooty cutie pie.

Thank you for worrying about Ryan's mental, psychological, and
physical health.  I don't know him, we are not friends, but his
suffering is visible and it's sweet of you to show some compassion and
support to a person in need.   It's his cry for help and I don't know
how to help him.

Well , Razer ...  This song is pretty scary but beautiful and
interesting at the same time, my dear beloved.  Thank you very much
for sharing this little treasure with the list!  <3

I also love you, even when you prefer to send kisses only to Juan,
hahaha!!  I confess I felt a little bit jealous, but it is impossible
to compete with him: he is always much more charming than me,
hahahaha...  ;D

My dearest pumpkin grarpamp, I loved the music but not much the joke
about Naruto run...  It's a bit strange, but Naruto's running was
scientifically already proved as very efficient.  Wow, man, it 's
tricky, you know, hahaha!!!  ;D

Juan, I know you do not care about my opinion, but I do trust and
respect Greg and Riad.  Seriously, they are very brave, kind, and
patient.   Real CypherPunks, my love.

M, S, a, J, et al, I am still alive, but almost gave up and gone this
time with an insane physical and the most devasting emotional pain
that I could only imagine for several different reasons.  Two new
surgeries next week.  Being honest, something already died inside me,
and it was one of my best, my dearest qualities.  I will miss my lost
innocence, some of my dearest dreams, and my most sincere hopes about
part of humanity.  My heart is broken and I am hurt.

Well, I will need to take some time for healing and finally, feel
better.  In this meanwhile, you all can summon my big bad bro, LooLoo.
Lucifer is - pretty obviously! - a lawyer too.  Much better than me,
but has curious theories about religions. He does believe in God and
says he saw His/Her face in person, shining in absolute splendor, and
talking to him.  Well, some people say it's true faith.  I call
"schizophrenia" or "mental dementia"...  :P


Just an excerpt from "Crying For Help" lyrics...

"I wandered around
The streets of this town
Trying to find sense in it all

The rain on my face
It covers the trace
Of all the tears
I've had to waste

Why must we hide emotions?
Why must we never break down and cry?

All that I need
Is to cry for help
Somebody please hear me
Cry for help
All I can do"
Is cry for help

No need to feel ashamed
Release the pain
Cry for help"


But my broken heart is singing this song in the last days...

"Don't wanna to give my heart away
To another stranger
Or let another day begin
Won't even let the sunlight in
No, I'll never love again
I'll never love again, ooh..."

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