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Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sun Jul 14 02:48:26 PDT 2019

On Sun, Jul 14, 2019 at 01:40:14AM -0400, grarpamp wrote:
> Seems truth re censorious bias proven time and again,
> counter to charter permitting replies to conversation
> initially started by one side and approved by mods,
> not to mention archive full of examples, was too much
> truth to bear.

Indeed! Some have far less patience for such crap than you appear to
have had... welcome back to the land of those who won't put up with
such shit :D

> The unsub button an easier out than
> issuing and debating any warnings in public on list, or off.

Well done, +1 from everyone here :)

> And where of course the list never saw the censored posts,
> or knew of any possible censor bias charter issue to discuss
> and provide their own collective input on from time to time.

Oh come on!

Surely you kid, grarpamp?

Censorship is FAR less effective when those affected by
said censorship have an opportunity to be made aware of, and to
discuss, said censorship - how exactly are the censors supposed to
really properly truly and continuedly censor at c at m.c, if they
disclose to everyone effected the details of their censorship?

> Not like this has any effect on anything either...
> people can just sign again up from anywhere to read
> and be censored, surf the archives, etc. Wouldn't be
> a surprise if some soul ventured to direct mail an advisory
> on the issues to the posters. Perry the self described
> "rabid libertarian" moderator.

Now THAT is effing hilarious :D

"Marxists of true Rayzer/Razer calibre" :D ("We're not psychopathic
marxist sociopaths, we're just killing all those who ARE (according
to our fiat deeming) allegedly psychopathic sociopaths" - always
trust a Jew to demonstrate prima facie the logic <ahem> of
Teh Ministry).

> And John throwing insults
> off list where none were lodged at him...
> "you're too dim"

Grant, either explicitly or tacitly, an unjust power (such as, I
dunno but to pick a totally random example, the power to censor) and
witness the petty-Nazis rule the roost - micro example of the macro.

> Anyway, c at m.c moderator can now devote more time
> to approving the twice yearly pointless hundred post
> circlejerk rehash threads on RNG's and whatever else.
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