Cryptocurrency: Privacy Tech Becoming Realized as Essential for Success

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Jul 14 02:15:52 PDT 2019

So many of the bigger voices over the years
been shifty or silent over privacy baked into coin
protocols, trying to appease regulators, etc.
Finally many of the voices are now realizing
cryptocurrency cannot fulfill its promise and
win without privacy.

Privacy, Driving adoption, Scaling, Distributed, Uncensorable, etc...
all part of the circle of required elements for success.

The King and Corp are already in a mad rush to roll
out their own Fiat shitcoin and stamp out cash forever.
Coins that are missing even one element are nothing
but another Fiat, part of and subject to the King's whim.

The only area you have expertise with to compete,
the few things you have to differentiate your product,
to attract and sell users over the above shitcoin...
are truly private cryptocurrency as foretold by
cypherpunk cryptoanarchism.

And with the appropriate education covering
true cryptocurrency philosophy... which many of
the same voices got distracted by money... people
will choose private cryptocurrency over shitty surveillance
and censor coin every single time.

It's time to get all the voices back on track in unison.

ps: If 500,000 people actually appeared in a flashmob
outside Area51 and *actually proceeded to storm it
in unison*, the people would win... because the alternative,
of murdering them all, over nothing but some stupid
secrets and secrecy regimes... the second that hits the
news, the guns are coming out and government dies.

Wake up people, freedom is yours, adopt it in unison, right now, today!

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