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grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
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Seems truth re censorious bias proven time and again,
counter to charter permitting replies to conversation
initially started by one side and approved by mods,
not to mention archive full of examples, was too much
truth to bear. The unsub button an easier out than
issuing and debating any warnings in public on list, or off.
And where of course the list never saw the censored posts,
or knew of any possible censor bias charter issue to discuss
and provide their own collective input on from time to time.
Not like this has any effect on anything either...
people can just sign again up from anywhere to read
and be censored, surf the archives, etc. Wouldn't be
a surprise if some soul ventured to direct mail an advisory
on the issues to the posters. Perry the self described
"rabid libertarian" moderator. And John throwing insults
off list where none were lodged at him...

"you're too dim"

Anyway, c at m.c moderator can now devote more time
to approving the twice yearly pointless hundred post
circlejerk rehash threads on RNG's and whatever else.

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