newsflash! cypherpunks mailing list is behind cloudflare-NSA

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Jul 13 10:48:47 PDT 2019

On 7/13/19, Greg Newby <gbnewby at> wrote:
> recommendations for other free or cheap DNS providers, I'd like to hear them.

> I prefer to have my domain WHOIS on one provider, my DNS
> with another provider, and then to run the server myself.

Many registrars throw in DNS service for free.
Free DNS services independant from registrar are harder
to find but do still exist, try a web search. registrar is currently namecheap under PIR,
with its NS pointing out to friendly nameservers for its SOA.

>> whether for DNS, or HTTPS.

> There are tons of features in Cloudflare, even
> at the free service level

> Other related features,
> like Javascript-based captchas, are options on top of the CDN

Supposedly those can be disabled or made much less
aggressive or more friendly, while still utilizing CDN cache / anti-DoS

> The only reason I might consider turning it on temporarily in the future is
> if there is a DDoS against the server. Cloudflare has some great
> capabilities for intercepting attack traffic.

Sure, try keeping the Cloudflare account active in case you
need to quickly point there for a while to defeat a DoS attack.

>> I2P or Tor
> instructions are out there.

Know that you can still get scraped and TCP games through those.
Though at least tor has onion auth keys you can post to the
list now and then that will block all access to non subscribers.

robots.txt can be useful, yet easy to defeat.
There's also .htaccess at the webserver level.
And a mailman access at that level.

Unfortunately the latter two will prevent the list from
being picked up by search engines.


Still going.

> Oracle ... DynDNS

Oracle loves to unfree things... Solaris, ZFS, etc.
DynDNS started selling itself around 2002.
RedHat just bought by IBM.
Takes a lot of structure forethought to be able
to uphold promises of free models for long term.

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