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> Start signing your messages with a pgp key?  Seems like
> the simplest and most secure method of preventing 
> impersonation.

	meh, too much trouble, and I'm not that important =P

>>> what % of jews in hollywood, banking, 'journalism', NSA-contractors(google, facebook...) etc etc etc etc? 

>>The BANKERS worship money and power, 

>>> 	yes, like all the rest of jew-fascists. Now, what % of criminals in the areas I mentioned are jewish? It's not just bankers as you wellknow. What's your explanation for such a fact? 

> What's your explanation, Juan? 

	what's your explanation John? Oh and I'm still waiting to hear razer's explanation...

	I may provide an explanation after I hear yours. Though actually just stating the fact that jews are wildly 'overrepresented' in the workings of the american empire, western fascism in general, and other totalitarian 'organizations'  should be enough to counter their 'narrative' about them being 'poor oppressed victims'. 

> Your rhetoric seems to
> come dangerously close to neo-nazism.... At least, the
> anti-semitic bits.

	'anti-semitic' is just a smear word used by judeo fascists. And one especially lame  since jews are not the only 'semites' out there. Hell, european jews are not even 'purebreed' 'semites'. 

	Now, you can either deny that the % of jews in say finance and other criminal activities is a lot higher that the % of jews in the population, or you can draw some conclusion from that fact. 

	as to me being 'close to neo-nazism', is that because I'm pointing out the nature of the neo-nazi american empire (with jews included of course)? - Oops, 'nazi' is a term that actually fits pretty well all ppl in the american ruling class - jews included. 

> Obviously what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is a
> disgusting fucking atrocity. 

	but it's not 'isreal'. It's a lot of jews and a lot of 'gentile' judeo fascists who support them. Because, you know, 'anti semitism!!!'

> They are in many ways an 
> American client state in the near/middle east, and 
> recent developments under the current US regime
> have been particularly egregious, at least symbolically
> (e.g. moving the embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing it as
> the capital, etc). Netanyahu loves Trump, heh.

	I believe trump's 'mandate' is to make isreal great again? 

	But anyway singling out trump as a judeo fascist kinda misses the point since he's one out of prolly hundreds of millions. 

> Back to your original question, one line of thinking I've 
> seen tossed around quite a bit is discussed at the 
> following link (and no doubt in more depth in many other 
> places, including the book being reviewed) -

	"Muller explains how Jews in medieval Christian Europe were the only ones allowed to engage in finance"

	yeah, laughable judeo fascist propaganda. Heard that one a thousand times. 

> Personally I dislike outright anti-semitism. It's ugly, it
> makes me think of nazis,

	see above. 

> and all the ethnically Jewish 
> folks that I've known fell somewhere on the spectrum from
> homeless drug addict to "middle class" ... 

	yeah well, I'm sure wall street is full of jewish homeless drug addicts. 

	As to 'middle class', obviously a fair amount of american 'middle class' are members of the american neo-nazi empire, so you can find 'gentile' and jew members of the middle class doing pretty evil things.

> Although, I 
> suppose that says more about me than anything else ;)

	Haha =P

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> >> Kiss kiss.
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> >	What's that supposed to mean? You think I'm Cecilia or what.

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