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How Government Created the Myth of Adolescence and the Terrible

  Why are teens so angsty and rebellious? Because they are
  biologically adults, being treated like children.

  Jane Addams likely had good intentions when in the early 20th
  century she helped create the juvenile justice system and laws
  against child labor. But fast forward to present day and her
  influence on how society treats young adults has disastrous effects
  on young individuals and society at large.

  Tom Woods hosted Dr. Robert Epstein on his podcast to discuss this
  problem. Epstein wrote a book called Teen 2.0: Saving Our Children
  and Families from the Torment of Adolescence. In it, he makes the
  case that the government, the pharmaceutical industry, and
  purveyors of “teen culture” have created a myth about
  post-pubescent young adults.

  Many people believe the psychological and social problems
  associated with American youths is a natural part of the teenage
  years. Epstein explains that the root of the issue is treating
  people who are physiologically young adults as children.

  It started with Jane Addams creating a culture that prolonged
  childhood. The government went on to require public education which
  grouped youths with peers their age. At a time when teenagers
  should be learning from more mature and intelligent adults, they
  are instead exposed to an echo chamber of immature peers.

  Epstein cites studies which prove the competency of teenagers is
  often higher than the competency of adults. He argues that nothing
  magically changes at age 18 or 21. In their teen years, some people
  are capable and some people are not. But these will likely be the
  same people who are and are not able to be productive members of
  society in later years.

  Industries now seize on  “teen culture.” Hollywood and the music
  and fashion industries sell their products by appealing to this
  unnatural subculture. The pharmaceutical industry exploits the
  psychological problems caused in teens to sell their drugs. There’s
  nothing wrong with teen brains. There is something very wrong with
  how society treats teens. But instead of tackling the issue, the
  drug industry has a pill for that.

  And it makes perfect sense. Coercion, not just in teens, is a
  leading cause of mental anguish.
  Many adults feel helpless up against forces like the government,
  media, and corporations. Young adults feel equally trapped by
  authoritarian parents, public schools, and legal age restrictions.

  Child labor laws sound like a good idea when you think of
  8-year-olds in factories. But what about 15-year-olds in mechanics’
  garages? Why can’t a 13-year-old work for a restaurant without
  government permission? And even when these young folks get
  permission, they have to schedule their work around compulsory
  education. The government forces them to waste their time,
  eliminating actual opportunities to learn from work experience
  while making money.

  And the myth that teenagers are still children permeates American
  culture. How often do you hear people refer to young people from
  age 13 and well into their 20’s as “kids”?

  The solution always comes back to individual freedom. Of course, if
  we immediately started treating all 13-year-olds as adults there
  would be issues.

  But luckily this is one of those problems where the solution really
  does come down to individual action. Parents have ultimate control
  over the environment they provide for their children. As their
  children become young adults, parents can give those teens a degree
  of autonomy on a case by case basis.

  Homeschooling is growing, which is a good sign. Many people don’t
  isolate their kids (and teens) from social interaction. Instead,
  they join co-ops and social groups that don’t segregate by age.
  Kids have an opportunity to learn from teens, who have an
  opportunity to learn from adults.

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