Victoria Australia: amendments re children's photos of themselves which could be considered "pornography"

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> Is it absurd that there really is a blackmail book maintained by the
> CIA/NSA/MI6 etc for exactly this purpose?

	your blackmail theory doesn't make sense. What do you think epstein did to get himself blackmailed? Gave 100s of miliions to the Revolutionary Libertarian Party? Leaked 'military secrets' to iran and venezuela? Planned the assasination of the rothschilds? Or what. 

	if anything epstein is being blackmailed by the trumpo party. So this is just americunt 'politics'. Americunt scum accusing each other of 'sex crimes'. Bread and circus for the mentally retarded. 

> TPTB tried to accuse Assange of "online rape" of a minor (with a
> setup so obvious even the MSM had to bury it within a day), and only
> the ridiculously flimsy and repeatedly "closed" "rape in Sweden"
> charges managed to "stick" 

	yeah and assange, unlike epstein, doesn't get along with the authorities. So the cases are very different. 


> The article linked by the OP posits the nature of the pedophile
> blackmail network/ regime 

	I don't see any evidence for such blackmail regime. 

> A true group of "representatives" would immediately abolish the
> Federal Reserve banking system, immediately wipe out all the fiat
> "debts" that those banks claim against the people, and institute a
> gold and silver backed currency.

	that's even more absurd. Government fake money is a pretty old 'insitution' and it obviously has nothing to do with 'NSA blackmail'...

> Fortunately it looks like the current exposure 

	current exposure of WHAT?

> might just have enough
> legs to blow everything open and clean up the psyche of the masses,
> may be possibly God knows but we bloody well hope so:
>   Snyder: Epstein Case Has The Potential To Be The Biggest Scandal In
>   American History
> Step 1 is exposure of the rotten system as it is, and yes, that means
> many folk shall continue to suffer the consequences of the system as
> it is.

> How so? Those wealthy and powerful individuals who have allowed the
> current regime of blackmail, may for once find it in their interest
> to improve that system in a couple of fundamental ways... one can
> hope.

	there is NO "regime of blackmail" for "wealthy and powerful people"


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