Victoria Australia: amendments re children's photos of themselves which could be considered "pornography"

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> > The issue is there's a society-wide successful propaganda effort
> > which supports the regime of blackmail of wealthy and powerful
> > people:
> 	That's not the case. It is propaganda but it's just typical
> 	feminazi, right-wing, jew-kristian, anti-sex propaganda. That
> 	sort of propaganda works well in the western cesspool given the
> 	lunatic, puritan views that western sheep have on sex. 

Can only agree.

> > So the CIA/NSA/Google/FaceBook/GCHQ/MI6 blackmail machine "keeps
> > wealthy and powerful people in line" - in line with the banking
> > enslavement regime dominating most of humanity today.
> 	except that's mostly absurd. The wealthy and powerful control
> 	facebook-NSA. Who and why  would use the NSA against them?
> 	Furthermore why on earth would the "wealthy and powerful" turn
> 	against the banking mafia, that is, turn against themselves?
> 	granted, once in a while one of their accomplices may steal from
> 	the 'common fund' and need to be taught a lesson, but that's all.
> 	also, I'd expect the "wealthy and powerful" to not use facebook
> 	and have good OPSEC...

Is it absurd that there actually is a pyramid of power within the
banking system - with the BIS etc at the top, national (or e.g. EU)
central banks at the next tier, and the plebe banks at the bottom?

Is it absurd that all these banks are intertwined in a web of fiat
debt where if one falls over, they all fall over, and so they must
all be kept in line?

Is it absurd that those powerful family dynasties that created this
system would want the powerful and wealthy people in the world to
continue to support this absurd system when it's roughly a certainty
that about 2% of them will be truly altruistic and completely mess it
all up, without being otherwise "encouraged" to tow the line?

Is it absurd that there really is a blackmail book maintained by the
CIA/NSA/MI6 etc for exactly this purpose?

> > As a practical way forward, educating folks that there is in fact
> > such a blackmail regime in place, and how the mechanics of this
> > blackmail work, is a necessary step - without awareness of/
> > acknowledging the facts, how can the population at large discuss, let
> > alone solve, this blackmail problem?
> 	Not sure what 'blackmail problem' you're talking about. The
> 	government can 'blackmail' and kill anyone who refuses to pay a
> 	traffic ticket. So who cares about the current pentagon-feminazi
> 	propaganda campaign against 'pedophiles'? 

Oddly enough, due to the extremely effective decades of propaganda
and media programming, the majority of sheeple tow the line at the
hint of a threat of an allegation of pedolphilia in these "modern"
"liberal" days - social media is a second by second demonstration of
billions of humans defending their reputation on a daily basis,
failing to speak truth, knowingly ignoring or failing to respond to
that which they know to be total bollocks. Some examples, not usually
spoken so bluntly, but inferred many a time:

 - "children" are asexual until puberty

 - humans are children until 17 years, 11 months and 32 days of age,
   and are adults immediately thereafter

 - love, as opposed to lust, cannot exist in any serious fashion in a
   child - it's just "puppy love"

 - notwithstanding being a "child" until the age of 18 (or 21 in some
   jurisdictions still?), in other jurisdictions the age of consent
   is 16 (e.g. here in Australia), 15, 12 and other ages in other

 - glimpsing a picture of a naked "child" makes you a pedophile and
   you ought be put in jail for life and be chemically castrated

 - being merely named "a pedophile" means you're now a child rapist
   until and unless you can prove your innocence (good luck with
   that, especially shacked up in a jail cell with Bubba just for
   doing 10 clicks over the "speed limit" one too many times (or for
   failing to pay your government statue fines/debts))

 - assessing a female who is one day less than the age of consent
   (whatever that age is in your jurisdiction) as "sexually
   attractive" means you're obviously a pedophile in need of urgent
   chemical castration or having your reproductive organs surgically

 - assessing a female who is a year or three less than your own age,
   as "sexually attractive" means you're obviously a pedophile in
   need of urgent chemical castration or having your reproductive
   organs surgically removed

etc, etc

TPTB tried to accuse Assange of "online rape" of a minor (with a
setup so obvious even the MSM had to bury it within a day), and only
the ridiculously flimsy and repeatedly "closed" "rape in Sweden"
charges managed to "stick" (that is, managed to be maintained with a
straight face by the MSM without TOO much social media backlash).

The point being, they only bothered with such a ridiculous
"pedophile" accusation against Julian Assange since pscyhologically
much of the population is primed to react with revulsion merely to
the allegation and set aside all critical thinking - fortunately in
that particular case the non-facts were so ridiculous that the story
or inference "Assange is an evil pedophile" didn't even begin to gain
any traction - but it's this revulsion brain circuit (primed by
decades of propaganda) that TPTB rely on when they attempt to run
such gambits.

And be grateful that Assange (to use the OP article terminology) in
fact never "got handsy" with any underage female in a way which could
fuel the public's lynching intention, because had this occurred,
Assange would have long ago gone to the gallows - or never have done
Wikileaks in the first place. THIS is the blackmail that the TPTB
use or rather abuse, against the nations, the people they don't like,
the wealthy and powerful they want to keep in line - the threat of
being publicly lynched by an international MSM feeding orgy of
destruction of an individual by sanction of the lynch intending
masses of "the most evil of criminals, the child rapist, or in the
very least someone we are sure would be a child rapist if given half
a chance so let's literally crucify them anyway just to be sure".

This is Razer/ Rayzer's "final solution" by the way - murder the
sociopaths proactively and pre-emptively, with he and his fellow
Pre-crime AntiFascistas delivering justice in every city block to
cleanse the world of "the literally (in their opinion) evil few".

Few 10s of millions, that is.

And if they really get going, a few 100s of millions, or as is seen
on the Georgian Monoliths, a few billions just to make sure we oxygen
thieves and carbon polluters (humans) don't damage the planet

The article linked by the OP posits the nature of the pedophile
blackmail network/ regime and this description may bring a modicum of
comprehension to those who have never pondered such things before and
otherwise wonder why so many people in power seemingly act and speak
so irrationally/ illogically and against the interests of the people
they purport to represent.

A true group of "representatives" would immediately abolish the
Federal Reserve banking system, immediately wipe out all the fiat
"debts" that those banks claim against the people, and institute a
gold and silver backed currency.

But those politians in power (except for the extremely rare on or
two) never even propose such a thing, let alone have a large enough
group of non-blackmailed "true representatives" to have sufficient
power to return us to a non-evil financial system (pre 1913, that is,
pre Federal Reserve bank).

BTW, the current cycle is only the most recent "privately held
federal reserve banks" cycle too...

In the meantime, a humble human rights advocate can find it so
difficult to find those who comprehend these problems that he is
inclined to say "fruck it", pack it all in and open his own bank - if
you can't beat 'em, join 'em, as they say...

Fortunately it looks like the current exposure might just have enough
legs to blow everything open and clean up the psyche of the masses,
may be possibly God knows but we bloody well hope so:

  Snyder: Epstein Case Has The Potential To Be The Biggest Scandal In
  American History

Step 1 is exposure of the rotten system as it is, and yes, that means
many folk shall continue to suffer the consequences of the system as
it is.

How so? Those wealthy and powerful individuals who have allowed the
current regime of blackmail, may for once find it in their interest
to improve that system in a couple of fundamental ways... one can

There were some "much too little far too late" attempts in second
tier left of left "MSM" rags in the last few years, so there's hope
for rationality to prevail eventually.

> > The article above highlights, for those who may never have thought of
> > the issue before, the mechanics of "pedophile blackmail".
> > Next comes possible solutions to the problem - such as
> > decriminalization of everything which ought be decriminalized, at the
> > very least.
> 	ah of course, age of consent garbage 'laws' should be completely
> 	repealed. 
> 	but that's not, at all, what the zerohedge garbage propaganda
> 	article is proposing. 

Perhaps you missed the message - hopefully Epstein's case exposes a
lot of the rot which is only empowered to occur by the hidden consent
of the masses due to their programming by decades of propaganda in
the Jewish arts of goyim self hate and Christian "sexual morality"
turned upside down and against the nations.

> > The tools used by the blackmail machine won't be removed except that
> > there is some level of public support for the removal of those tools
> > of blackmail.
> > 
> >
> > 
> > 
> > How do we create a sane world?
> > 

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