Victoria Australia: amendments re children's photos of themselves which could be considered "pornography"

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Tue Jul 9 13:08:50 PDT 2019

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Zenaan Harkness <zen at> wrote:

> The issue is there's a society-wide successful propaganda effort
> which supports the regime of blackmail of wealthy and powerful
> people:

	That's not the case. It is propaganda but it's just typical feminazi, right-wing, jew-kristian, anti-sex propaganda. That sort of propaganda works well in the western cesspool given the lunatic, puritan views that western sheep have on sex. 

> So the CIA/NSA/Google/FaceBook/GCHQ/MI6 blackmail machine "keeps
> wealthy and powerful people in line" - in line with the banking
> enslavement regime dominating most of humanity today.

	except that's mostly absurd. The wealthy and powerful control facebook-NSA. Who and why  would use the NSA against them? Furthermore why on earth would the "wealthy and powerful" turn against the banking mafia, that is, turn against themselves?

	granted, once in a while one of their accomplices may steal from the 'common fund' and need to be taught a lesson, but that's all.

	also, I'd expect the "wealthy and powerful" to not use facebook and have good OPSEC...

> As a practical way forward, educating folks that there is in fact
> such a blackmail regime in place, and how the mechanics of this
> blackmail work, is a necessary step - without awareness of/
> acknowledging the facts, how can the population at large discuss, let
> alone solve, this blackmail problem?

	Not sure what 'blackmail problem' you're talking about. The government can 'blackmail' and kill anyone who refuses to pay a traffic ticket. So who cares about the current pentagon-feminazi propaganda campaign against 'pedophiles'? 

> The article above highlights, for those who may never have thought of
> the issue before, the mechanics of "pedophile blackmail".

> Next comes possible solutions to the problem - such as
> decriminalization of everything which ought be decriminalized, at the
> very least.

	ah of course, age of consent garbage 'laws' should be completely repealed. 

	but that's not, at all, what the zerohedge garbage propaganda article is proposing. 

> The tools used by the blackmail machine won't be removed except that
> there is some level of public support for the removal of those tools
> of blackmail.
> How do we create a sane world?

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