New York Post : It’s time for a federal civil rights intervention in Portland

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> On July 8, 2019 1:40:05 PM PDT, Punk <punks at> wrote:
> >On Mon, 08 Jul 2019 13:20:37 -0700
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> >
> >> 
> >Ps. Most bankers, wall st or elsewhere, are ostensibly catholic 
> >
> >	tell me razer, what % of bankers and other very high ranking fascists
> >in the USA are jews? 
> >
> >	what % of jews in hollywood, banking, 'journalism',
> >NSA-contractors(google, facebook...) etc etc etc etc?  Why do you think
> >the % is so very high?
> >
> For a start the NSA contracing biz is overwhemingly transgender moreso than jews. 

	That's a laughable non-answer tazer. You have to try harder. 

	For completness' sake, last time I checked the 'founders' of google and facebook were not 'transgender' - they were (and are) joos. 

>Snowden isnt either, either. Doesn't matter. 

	are you drunk or what? 

>The BANKERS worship money and power, 

	yes, like all the rest of jew-fascists. Now, what % of criminals in the areas I mentioned are jewish? It's not just bankers as you well know.

	Oh and I almost forgot. Tell me about the jews and their concentration camp in palestine? What's your take on those poor oppressed jews and their concentration camp? they must be "pastoral folks" eh?

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