Re: New York Post : It’s time for a federal civil rights intervention in Portland

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"To say that nonviolence means passively lying down to be annihilated by the violence of those in power is to fundamentally misunderstand the purpose of nonviolence." -MLK jr.

That means we proactively slaughter Nazi scumbags in self defense.


Nonviolence protects the Fascist state and is inherently racist.

"Nonviolence is racist. I do not mean to exchange insults, and I use the epithet racist only after careful consideration. Nonviolence is an inherently privileged position in the modern context. Besides the fact that the typical pacifist is quite clearly white and middle class, pacifism as an ideology comes from a privileged context. It ignores that violence is already here; that violence is an unavoidable, structurally integral part of the current social hierarchy; and that it is people of color who are most affected by that violence. Pacifism assumes that white people who grew up in the suburbs with all their basic needs met can counsel oppressed people, many of whom are people of color, to suffer patiently under an inconceivably greater violence, until such time as the Great White Father is swayed by the movement’s demands or the pacifists achieve that legendary 'critical mass.' -Peter Gelderloos "How Nonviolence Protects the State"

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