National Review: Libertarians Totally Exist

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jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:

> I am not foolish enough to refuse to read something, merely on the grounds that I will likely disagree with it.

	Fine. So you linked a neocon propaganda outlet that makes the following, unsuported claim : 

	"While the libertarian share unsurprisingly depends on which methods you use, a reasonable range seems to be 10 to 20 percent." 

	Notice for starters that 'unsurprisingly'(...) reality varies "depending on which methods you use". So you can get 10% 'libertarians' or DOUBLE that number by means of magical 'methods'. Yeah, these are solid 'scientific' facts...

	Now, in the real world, the evidence for the *existence* of alleged libertarians would be libertarians DOING SOMETHING libertarian. And if no one is doing any of the things that 'libertarians' should do (like, say, overthrowing their government), then there are no libertarians.

	So, we can safely go back to this 'debunked' claim and regard it as closer to the truth :

	"The libertarians — socially liberal and economically conservative — were the smallest group, comprising only 4 percent of the electorate. Most of these people, moreover, were only slightly libertarian" 

	In short: in the USA there's a small minority of people (a lot less than 4%) who are "slightly libertarian", while all the fucking rest are either demrats(left wing fascists) or rethuglicans(right wing fascists).

PS: What IS a libertarian anyway? Oh yeah a BASIC requirement (but of course not the only one) to be a libertarian is to uncondionally support personal rights - and that means no fucking state, as I think you should know. 


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