National Review: Libertarians Totally Exist

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You didn't read or understand the whole article. Nor did you want to.
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> National Review: Libertarians Totally Exist.

    "The libertarians — socially liberal and economically conservative — were the smallest group, comprising only 4 percent of the electorate. Most of these people, moreover, were only slightly libertarian," 

    That's basically correct. Actually 4% is too big a number. Let's say there's a 1% who pretend to be 'libertarian' but in reality are fascist scum who want google, goldman sachs and the rothschilds to pay less taxes. The only thing that the vast majority of 'libertarians' care about is money, and being apologists for big business. 

    in the words of the rand cunt, "America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business" 



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