AXIOM Apertus° - fashtag #OpenHW #OpenDigitalCinema #MuhFashtaLuggera - 4K open cinema

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sat Jul 6 19:23:14 PDT 2019

Step by muffu fastag luggerin step muh grits :)

Enjoy deep insights into the world of wide open source, penetrating
proprietary crapola for Linux Love fests of full potential and
unlocked freedom.

FLOSS Hardware, FLOSS Drivers, FLOSS code muh fluggerahs :)

"It's only a matter of time" (original, copyrighted phrase, licenses
available for use of this TradeMark).

Red Cinema look out, a new world approaches your senses, repeatedly
grinding away at your imperfect models. Give up your idols of the
past, create your world anew folks!

  Welcome to the world of apertus°

  … home of FOSS, open hardware, community-driven, professional
  digital cinema and imaging tools.

  For over ten years our worldwide community has been developing a
  variety of powerful and affordable tools designed to give users
  absolute and unparalleled control over their creative processes.
  All projects are made free (in terms of liberty) around open source
  software and open hardware licenses with any and all related
  knowledge being made publicly available. To find out more about how
  this Association functions please see its Mission Statement.

  ... Full potential unlocked

  ... Serious about freedom

  ... Love Linux

   … "The beauty of an open source camera to me is a
      step back toward the dark room, in which making
      the tools is part of the joy of making the art."
      - Lee Parker, IMAX Cinematographer.

  AXIOM Beta Compact concept circa December 2018


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