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> She was obviously guilty of violation of the Federal Records Act, which
> required her to arrange to have the contents of her private server
> backed up, essentially continuously, with the government, to the
> National Archives.   She did not do that.  She also had her staff delete
> 33,000 emails:  Her justification is that those were "personal".  That
> was a lie, too.

"Socialized" people interpret their experience of the material world in
the context of an acquired "world view" which guides or, in most
instances, controls their perception and interpretation of material
conditions and events, and governs their responses to same.  To
"participate in society" necessarily includes compliance with dominant
propaganda narratives, at least to the extent of knowing them and
adjusting one's behavior to take their existence into account.

Example:  Our propagandists made an enormous Political Issue of Mrs.
Clinton's private e-mail server:  Both "because" it existed, and
"because" of bulk deletion of content potentially including criminal
evidence. But concurrently, our propagandists briefly and quietly
reported the bare bones facts of Mrs. Clinton's separate felony offenses
involving deliberate violations of the National Security Act, then fell
silent on that subject.

Mrs. Clinton reportedly removed classification markings from controlled
documents and forwarded them to people not cleared to receive them.  She
also instructed her staff to do likewise, a separate and even more
serious felony offense.  Mrs. Clinton's status as an attorney, and the
fact that she did sign a Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement,
removes any doubt regarding her criminal intent and should qualify her
for enhanced sentencing:

"I hereby acknowledge that I have received a security indoctrination
concerning the nature and protection of classified information,
including the procedures to be followed in ascertaining whether other
persons to whom I contemplate disclosing this information have
been approved for access to it, and that I understand these procedures."

The simple, unambiguous nature of these e-mail related crimes accounts
for the (relative) silence of our propagandists on that topic:  No
defense or evasion based on accusations of partisan bias can 'make them
didn't happen'.  Mrs. Clinton can not pretend she "did not know" her
actions were felonies.  The refusal of Federal law enforcement to bring
charges demonstrates that Mrs. Clinton enjoys de facto immunity from the
legal system that governs lesser mortals.  As this bluntly contradicts
the foundational myth of "equal justice under law", under the rug it goes.

How lucky for Mrs. Clinton that the FBI simply "forgot" to impound her
computers and image their hard drives in the course of a criminal
investigation based on the content of those hard drives.  Even if she
had been charged, procedural stalling based on this circumstance would
assure that she died of old age before the disposition of her charges.

In context with the above, the Trump Regime's failure to bring
obstruction of justice charges against the Obama Regime's fixers in the
FBI indicates Trump's commitment to support "class privilege" and, most
likely, fear of retaliatory violations of his own class privilege should
he get "out of line" with anything but his mouth.

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