wikipedia article deleted by [FEMINAZI SCUM] - also disappears from

Steve Kinney admin at
Wed Jul 3 09:05:44 PDT 2019

On 7/2/19 7:30 PM, Punk wrote:
> 	so let me put it another way. I knew that page for years and I knew it was a 'legitimate' page by wikimierda's own 'standards' - that's why it was there for ~7 years. 
> 	So I thought it would be easy to show that wikipedia had a particular page for 7 years and then deleted it out of the blue. I was pretty surprised when I found out that there no references to that page in Whatever previous snapshots had,  they went down the memory hole. 
> 	Notice how the only way to find out about details regarding the operation of wikimierda-NSA,, tor-NSA and all the rest of cyberwarfare projects that americunts produce is by having a HUMAN looking at them. Automation here is meaningless. 
> ps: notice how the worthless piece of fascist shit shawn quinn explcitly rewrites my messages. Infinite self parody. 

I could not help noticing the belligerent, authoritarian tone of that
Punk's commentary.  Indeed, I do not recall seeing a post under the
"Punk" signature that did not include plenty of same.

Authoritarian regimes agree:  Anarchism causes them nothing but trouble.
 Efforts to eradicate anarchism present as the longest running examples
of classic political warfare in modern times, continuously adapting to
changes in society and technology.

State sponsored propagandists work at scrubbing anarchism out of history
and popular culture, replacing it with their own alternative theory and
practice of infantile, narcissistic and completely self defeating
pseudo-anarchism.  This regimen of black propaganda continuously
recruits and develops enough unwitting State political warfare assets to
significantly degrade the performance of grass roots political

Radical organizers and facilitators develop strategies and skill sets to
contain and control the antics of weaponized pseudo-anarchists in public
meetings and on the street.  A mature, stable activist community does
spontaneous, organic triage on disruptive pseudo-anarchsits when they
show up, educating and assimilating as many as possible but eventually
ejecting those who present as pathological and non-recoverable.

Anarchism does not mean "Fuck you, I do what I want!"  That's across the
street, under the Fascism sign.

Then what DOES anarchism mean?  Get lots of major clues here:


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