On target marketing and the ultimate programmer's monitor, and a marketing opportunity to any Samsung, LG or Sony wanna be

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> In the early 80s I worked with Alvin Mark's, a very prolific inventor, who
> was one of the first to realize the great potential of optical rectennas.
> He also realized the possibility of running them backwards to create
> efficient color displays.
> On Mon, Apr 29, 2019, 11:52 PM Zenaan Harkness <zen at freedbms.net> wrote:
>> A)  There is one major step to "peak flat panel monitor" technology
>> and that is active nano-aerials tuned per wavelength (RGB etc),
>> which will eliminate the problems with various LCD (brightness, color
>> gamut) and OLED (burn in) tech, from the point of view of
>> programmers, digital graphic artists and other "dekstop" crowd
>> computer users.
>> We've seen this tech in development for a little while now, for
>> example with articles over at New-Atlas:
>>   Nano antenna amplifies light by a factor of 1,000
>>   https://newatlas.com/nano-antenna-amplifies-light/16460/
>>   Optical antenna may allow LEDs to replace lasers in host of devices
>> https://newatlas.com/nano-optical-antenna-led-laser-optical-communications/35917/
>>   Graphene optical lens a billionth of a meter thick breaks the
>>   diffraction limit
>>   https://newatlas.com/optical-lens-one-billionth-meter-thick/41588/
>>   Single photon emission from graphene quantum dots at room
>>   temperature
>>   https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-05888-w
>>   Let there be light: Controlled creation of quantum emitter arrays
>>   https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/05/170522080752.htm
>> So no burn-in, tuned (perfect gamut) spectrum production, high
>> lifetime and durability, maximum efficiency, infinite contrast (like
>> OLED).  That's active nano light emitting devices on the horizon, and
>> what glorious ocular abundance we shall "soon" indulge in :)
>> B)  In the meantime, ye olde hacker or Gimp photo shopper "just
>> wants" LOTS of pixels, a large display with lots of pixels, a curved
>> display (really for anything beginning at ~40" (16:9 aspect ratio)
>> and above, probably with a 21:9 super wide display format.
>> Oh, and lots of pixels.
>> So how large is ideal for a desk bound keyboard code jockey?
>> Large enough to cover a goodly portion of muh field o' view!
>> Probably around the 55" mark tops, may be a bit less, but again, it
>> simply must be curved, and at an ideal viewing distance from screen
>> of under a foot (30cm for the rest of the world thank you very much),
>> we needs lots of precious pixels - "8K", but stretched out to 21:9,
>> is:
>>   8960 x 3840 pixels, around 50 inch diagonal, 21:9 aspect ratio
>> That should be enough for anybody (with no apologies to anyone!).
>> So lots of pixels.
>> Finally, you can have either black or white external decor, but the
>> inside edge MUST be held by white plastic!
>> For those who sit real close (and use a top or bottom of screen
>> button/ icon/ window bar), a black (or metal/gray) internal clamp
>> holding that beautiful screen in place, is a notable shadow!
>> So strict white on the inside to minimize "internal border" shadows,
>> and black or white or as you please on the outside.
>> Today we're on the way, with LG pumping out a rather nice but oddly
>> un-curved ultrawide 5K2K monitor.  If it were curved, I'da bin
>> beggin, borrowin and savin to buy one, but since it ain't curved,
>> there's just one too many deficiencies to bother:
>>   34" Class 21:9 UltraWide® 5K2K Nano IPS LED Monitor with
>>   HDR 600 (34" Diagonal)
>>   https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-34WK95U-W-ultrawide-monitor
>> In other words, this monitor, if it were curved, is roughly two
>> thirds of the ideal monitor: just give it white internal clamp sections
>> to avoid those internal border shadows, and expand it to the above
>> resolution and size and boom, we're done!
>> 1st world "problems" hey?
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