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> The first reasonable video/docco retort to JP:

The beauty of this mini doco is putting into reasonable perspective
"White nationalism" or rather "celebration (and protection) of
European culture and identity" in relation to Jordan Peterson, making
certain thoughts and concepts easier to name and therefore to talk
about and defend where needed.

Peterson's three fundamental failures/ problems are as follows:

 1) Peterson speaks as though the Holocaust were real - supposedly
    that "Jewish genocide by Germanyin WWII" did happen.

    Peterson has as of this month, continually failed to apply
    due diligence to the alleged facts of the Holocaust/ Holohoax.

    Peterson apparently accepts without challenge that "prisoners of
    war" somehow equals "Holocaust" without any supporting facts.

    As many who have done just a little research discover, there's a
    literal and almost endless litany of counter- Holocaust actual

    (Note in WW2 the "allies" had many prisoners of war in prison/
    "concentration" camps, and many deaths of such prisoners in such
    'camps' - this happens in war.

 2) Believing in "muh Holocaust" and having read Solzhenitsyn,
    Peterson naturally (apparently) decided on a strategy to do
    everything he could to avoid World War 3 (a worthy goal if truly
    his intention),
    that is, it appears he endeavoured to establish himself first as
    "the leader or at least "spiritual guru" of the alt-right" and
    then to (intentionally or effectively) undermine the alt-right.

    To do this Peterson necessarily had to allow himself to live an
    hypocrisy or two (in comparison to the Holohoax which it appears
    Peterson presently incorrectly holds to be true).

    Peterson's primary hypocrisy/ deception is as follows:

    a) Peterson proclaims to all that both 'left' and 'right' must
       listen to and engage in conversation with one another if we
       want any chance to achieve 'peace' (eminently reasonable),

    whilst simultaneously:

    b) Peterson evicts the likes of Faith Goldy from "Free Speech"
       panels, preaching that "the right must not be given any
       platform for public communication".

 3) Peterson is a ragin hypocrite - he next accuses White
    conservatives of playing Marxist identity and "victim" politics,
    viciously branding common 'White' conservatives as being
    "extreme right".

    Peterson says that those plain conservatives of European descent
    and heritage who wish to protect our European culture, heritage
    and identity as a people, are according to him doing nothing but
    playing the identity politics of the extreme Marxist 'left'.

    Blacks, Jews and Asians are apparently allowed to celebrate their
    own differences, preserve their homelands and uphold their
    religions, whilst we "mere Whites" are (hypocritically in
    Peterson's world) not permitted such a luxury.

    Peterson thereby conflates:

    a) Europeans working together to resist their collective
       dispossession and cultural destruction and extermination,

    as being no different to:

    b) far left Marxist identity politics.

    Though untrue, this has proven an effective ad-hominem attack
    against "White people".

    Peterson repeatedly names racial pride or ethnic pride as
    "pathological", whilst hypocritically supporting other natural
    biological distinctions such as "men" vis a vis "women";

    thus Peterson conflates hubristic pride with natural and
    dignified pride (respect/ awe/ humility/ etc) arising
    from one's cultural history, achievements and present reality -
    the pride of ownership which encompasses a deep sense of
    responsibility, custodianship, appreciation and gratitude -
    precisely the attributes needed to preserve the good from our
    collective past!

So yes, finally "JP" has been deconstructed! "And it's about bloody
time, too" to coin a phrase :)

Here's how to explain this in three short sentences to NPC normie

   Jews have a right to exist, and really ought to have a homeland
   where they can preserve their culture and their people as they so
   wish, at the very least to provide for the possibility to minimise
   their predation upon the rest of us (usury and otherwise).

   Africans have a right to exist and to preserve their culture and

   Europeans have a right to exist and to preserve their culture and

As Rayzer said on this list a while back "fascists deny our [Jewish]
right to exist", which is true in a sense yet entirely misleading,
since this turn of phrase essentially hides that White people ALSO
have a right to exist.
It is not us who would deny a right to exist to others - any one
who denies the right to an entire group to exist is simply being

Fundamentally, Peterson ad-homs "European people wanting to cooperate
together to prevent their nations from certain destruction", by
naming us with the pithy, shallow and condescending term "radical

 “My what a pithy, shallow and condescending conflation you have
  there Mr Peterson!”

It may ultimately be that Peterson's strategy has in fact minimized
the intensity of any possible World War 3 - since as he correctly
points out Whites do in fact have an (on average) out siƶed
intelligence and when we get pissed off and start to organize, or
play any game on the table such as cultural Marxism, we play to
firetrucking win, and that standard deviation of IQ gives one
phenomenal advantage in winning;

point being, a rapid political shift to the conservative right in
reaction to the obscene cultural Marxism sweeping our Western lands
i(and in the face of the Holohoax lie) may well have lead to an anger
fuelled and very final "final solution";

Notwithstanding, we have a right to shed JP's delusions and get on
with making Western lands great again.

NOTE: "Europeans" were not immigrants to the USA and Australia, but
were in fact:

 - invaders,
 - and (significantly) pioneers.

We replaced what we denigrate as the pre-existing "primitive"
cultures, and we built nations which we term 'civilization'.

Almighty God could never sanction the genocide of the peoples that
our ancestors largely wiped out, except from the absolute position of
"free will, go forth and learn" - is our history a reason to destroy
who we now be, what "we" have collectively created?  For some the
answer is yes but for me, absolutely not!

Today's (2019) "refugees" and "immigrants" to the West are coming for
the wealth and abundance which is here and which our ancestors built
- these refugees/ immigrants/ invaders are not pioneers as we were
and many or most go straight onto public welfare.

"Karma's a bitch" as they say, and the collective guilt complex being
dumped on today's Gritty crackers is a successful abomination being
milked for all the White cultural destruction that can be achieved by
(((those currently in power in the West))).

The proper "right thinking, right action" way to resolution of our
dastardly past is not to destroy ourselves, but to assist in the
creation of abundance for all tribes and to preserve the unique
cultural identity of all tribes, INCLUDING the White European

It is so easy to destroy that which took centuries or indeed millenia
to create.

It's OK to be White.

We have a right to exist.

We have a right to preserve and to celebrate our European culture,
heritage and identity.

  Police probe Auschwitz far-right protest calling to ‘free Poland’
  from Jews

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