USA: Longest Govt Shutdown Since Revolution, Theft Victims Save $Billions, TLS Down

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Thu Jan 17 13:19:19 PST 2019

On 1/16/19, Punk <punks at> wrote:
> 	'course I do not read the 'news'

> I had a fukerbook account I would get 'news' from the stuff
> my contacts posted - at that time facebook was only 95%
> toxic malware and had 5% pasable content. After that,
> it was upgraded

Nothing stopping people from creating facebook
accounts and posting passable content and
news to random peoples accounts for fun...

> 	About the govt 'shutdown'? I assume that some small % of the bureaucracy
> doesn't have enough money

No, they have money, they stole it from you, it's in their coffers,
and in fake zeroes and printers, do you think they will not continue
stealing from you during time the IRS and DOJ thug arm of the
theft ring are "shutdown"?

Now if you read the "news" over 70 of them bureaucrats are
playing the popular feelgood saintly self whitewashing and
promoting game of "witholding" their salaries or "giving" what
they stole from you (their "salary") to "charities" that you had
no say in choosing where your stolen money would best go to.

Which as you know from reading, that "charity" ploy
is not even a drop in the bucket of what they already
steal from you year, after year, after decades. Where,
and when the heat is not on them, are such "generous"
charity announcements from their own sweat then?

And if you read the "news" that the vast majority of their
entire former careers are in "law", "politics", "public service",
or "teaching"... which as you say is nothing but more theft
and gluttony. Even "business" gets licensed by and thus
willfully pleases its thieving state.

Never mind all those in government claiming to be "christians"
and other religions, all of whose religion says that stealing
from people by force is sin and thus they're going straight to hell.

> So the whole office has
> to be 'shutdown', and the 'workers' get a paid holiday (they still get paid
> while staying at home of course).

Do not confuse some idea of "holiday vacation pay" here that they
somehow get gifted (btw, most are "at will" employees, not political
appointments or contractuals). Yes they will still get full back
pay when it's all over. And you get nothing but a month of theft
upon you.

The "news" says that the government is "oh so nice and doing
all it can" by cajoling and forcing others, even non gov third
parties, into continuing to back and prop itself (the government) up.

The "news" shows that the only parties to the mess that are
actually doing the right thing... are the *quitters*.

Quit the Travel Restrictions, Borders and Papers...
Quit the Theft, the Scam and Lies, the Murder and Wars...
Quit Government.

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